10 years ago, an old customer looking for seamless underwear products finally found ingor knitting

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-27
More than 10 years ago, Mr. Deng has been engaged in some distribution trade work such as socks. At the beginning, the underwear factory ingorsports was still mainly engaged in the production of socks, not as it is now completely transformed to only focus on the production and processing of seamless underwear. Mr. Deng also had a chance to cooperate with ingorsports, but with the relocation of the market, Mr. Deng also lost contact with ingorsports underwear factory. This time, he found ingorsports again through the Internet.

10 years ago, Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports was still mainly engaged in the production and processing of socks, and it was also transformed into the production and processing of seamless underwear. It already had a storefront in the market, but the storefront of the underwear factory was not in Guangzhou at that time. International Trade City. Mr. Deng also started to do some distribution work like socks, looking for sources of goods in Guangzhou, and found ingorsports by chance.

I also cooperated with ingorsports several times. Later, due to the relocation of the market, Mr. Deng also cut off contact with ingorsports. Over the years, the cooperation with ingorsports has also left a deep impression on Mr. Deng.

When ingorsports started to focus on the production and processing of seamless underwear, Mr. Deng also began to supply and distribute some women's underwear. Because the traditional sewing technology of women's underwear is mainly concentrated in Shantou, Guangdong, Mr. Deng rarely comes to Guangzhou. .

With the rise of seamless underwear, more and more people began to buy seamless underwear. Mr. Deng was no exception, and realized that seamless underwear would be a bright spot in the market development. I learned from a friend that looking for seamless underwear products or factories to go to Guangzhou, Mr. Deng remembered our ingorsports again.

He searched ingorsports on the Internet and learned that ingorsports has been engaged in the research and development and production of seamless underwear for a long time, and the development is very rapid. Mr. Deng directly contacted the customer service staff of ingorsports underwear factory through the contact information left on the website.

Mr. Deng reported to his family that he had cooperated with us ingorsports more than 10 years ago, and was very impressed with our ingorsports products. What he did not expect was that we have already started to make seamless underwear. Mr. Deng told us that he is still working in Hunan region to find the source and distribution of underwear for local distributors. He is also looking for seamless knitted underwear products. I didn't expect to find us ingorsports again.

After two days of communication, he asked for the contact information of the proprietress of our ingorsports underwear factory. After the initial communication, he called and said that he wanted to come to our underwear factory and see our proprietress in person. We gladly agreed.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Deng told me that he went to Guangzhou in the evening and came to our underwear factory today to meet with the proprietress. After visiting the factory and negotiating with the proprietress, Mr. Deng said: 'ingorsports has developed rapidly and is getting better and better. This time, he will report to the headquarters when he goes back to the headquarters, and then he will contact us to cooperate with us in the purchase of seamless underwear.'

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