10 best-selling beer brands in the world

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-06
PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet)--
Countries rarely play the same style of football during the World Cup, so why should they drink the same beer?
Even after the start of the 2014 World Cup a few weeks ago, beer is still a big deal at this year\'s World Cup in Brazil. Anheuser-
Headquartered in Brazil, Budweiser InBev is a famous beer brand in Brazil and an official sponsor of the World Cup.
According to Euromonitor, it accounts for 20.
About 6% of the world\'s $600 billion beer market has enough influence on FIFA, the governing body of football, to get it to rely on Brazil and to repeal the alcohol ban on football fields.
However, even after merging with Anheuser
Last year, Busch bought the Mexican beer maker Modelo, but it does not have an absolute advantage in the global beer market.
SABMiller has only nine accounts.
7%, but 200 brands in 75 countries.
Heineken International held 9 games
2% not only because of its flagship brand and Amstel, but also because of its Murphy brewery in Ireland, its Scottish and Newcastle brands in the UK, the Tiger beer in Malaysia, FEMSA beer in Mexico and Brazil.
In the crowd, by contrast, MolsonCoors in North America not only look small.
The market share is 2%, but behind the Danish brewers Carlsberg (5. 7%)
And the Chinese trio of China Resources Enterprises, Qingdao and Beijing Yanjing (12. 7)
The sum of global market share.
In fact, $100 billion. S. beer market --
Especially $14.
3 billion process section--
It seems a little small in comparison.
Until you consider that the biggest share of the global beer market is still ambiguous \"others\", 35. 1% stake.
This ratio is down from about 50% a year ago, but as small brewers learn and grow ---
Sales of small brewers in the United States rose 20%. S.
Alone last year. -
In the global taproom, there is an external opportunity to prevent integration and to maintain diversity.
With the help of Euromonitor, we found the top ten beer brands in the world.
In this World Cup where \"American\" beer is brewed, beer is competitive, but far from the top 10.
Coles Wright Brewer: MolsonCoorsYou is probably the only recession
The best beer in the world.
While light beer has lost a step globally, especially in the United States. S.
Kurslight managed to get the ground.
Even though MolsonCoors/SABMiller joint venture MillerCoors sees overall sales decline in the USS.
Over the past five years, beer sales have fallen for four years, and Coors beer production and market share have risen sharply.
Also see: Why is beer the future of craft beer, BeerMolsonCoors have to look for other avenues to cover the loss of other light beers, including its blue moon series beer-
Including a low Miller Lite and Miller High Life.
But Coors lighting has a market share of nearly 9%.
By 2011, it has surpassed Budweiser to become the number one in the world.
Two beers in America. S. Of the Top 5 U. S.
Beer, Coors Light is the only company with improved sales since 2010.
This is a \"domestic\" premium light beer. S.
Drinkers are still buying in an increasing supply and are the fastest --
Domestic light beer brands growing up in the United StatesS.
Not Blue Ribbon. 9.
Brahma Brewer: Anheuser
Brazil is an absolutely huge beer market.
Budweiser is very clear.
Not only does it have a headquarters in Sao Paulo, but it sponsors the World Cup and has had a considerable impact on the football governing body, prompting Brazil to lift the ban on stadium beer sales during the World Cup.
The history of Sanskrit dates back to 1888.
It was not until 2005 that B began to promote it in the international arena.
It is now sold in the United States. S.
Canada, Britain, Russia, France, Australia and about 10 other countries.
It is often one of the top beer brands in Brazil and is a huge favorite in a country where 98% of beer sales are pearner.
Although per capita beer consumption in Brazil still lags behind those in North America and Europe, Brazil ranks third in beer consumption per year
More popular than Russia and Germany.
So this is not the last time Brazil has appeared on this list. 8.
Harbin Brewery
Welcome to China\'s fourth-
The biggest brewery, perhaps the biggest prize in the battle of global beer integration.
It can be traced back to 1900 when Harbin started under Russian rule.
The Polish brewery was taken over by teams from the Czech Republic and China and fell into the hands of the Soviet Union, eventually owned by China itself.
The formulation of light beer is centered on water, malt and Chinese hops, but there are some problems when using rice and corn as auxiliary materials.
As early as 2003, in order to open up the Chinese market, Miller acquired nearly 30% of the brewery. A-
Budweiser InBev didn\'t like it and decided to buy the whole thing a year later.
This is one of the few foreigners.
Have Chinese brewers, this is-
B and Miller are terrible.
This is related to a Chinese beer market, which has the lowest beer per capita.
Countries that drink beer, but consume the most beer in the world: almost twice as much beer in the United StatesS.
As the list progresses, more beer is expected in China. 7.
Heineken beer: the economic downturn in the international market of Heineken beer has caused some impact on the U. S. market. S.
But since 2012, it has returned to orbit both at home and abroad. U. S.
Production has been rising over the past two years, while market share has stabilized at around 2%.
Overseas, it has become more successful as markets in Africa, Latin America and the Pacific seize its brand.
The green bottle and the red stars do the heavy work, but there is a lot to do behind this brand.
Heineken is known for its brand of the same name and Amstel Light, but it also controls Newcastle, Moretti, Zywiec, Affigem, Fosters, Murphy ovice, Beamish
It is headquartered in Amsterdam, but has a global presence in business and beer. As the third-
SABMiller and A-the biggest winemaker behind
InBev, it is much larger than the flagship beer on this list. 6.
Yanjing beer: there is a huge multinational brewery behind Beijing Yanjing beer, but still manages to be smaller than Yanjing.
Beijing\'s Yanjing market in China is not large. its market share is about 10%, but it is very large in Beijing.
More than 80% of Beijing beer lovers chose it, and its logo was posted throughout the city as the official beer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
But that\'s not enough.
Yanjing has made it clear that it wants an international presence and is willing to skip 90% of China that doesn\'t know it and go straight to the rest of the world.
It builds an empire of city strength, but getting another pale beer to the rest of the world can be a more serious challenge. 5.
Brewery: Anheuser-Carlsberg
Busch InBev, UnibraThere once made a beer that looks and tastes the same all over the world
The strategy of Budweiser beer brand.
In the 1960 s, when Anheuser-
Busch is still Holy.
Louis, a team of British, Canadian, Swedish and German breweries, is trying to create a global beer brand that offers back-up options for beer lovers around the world.
The beer was finally brewed in the United States by Carlsberg. K.
Provided by Belgium\'s Unibra in Africa and Brahma in Brazil. When A-
Budweiser InBev has taken over Brahma, which has aggressively promoted the beer in Brazil and has made it one of the country\'s best-selling beers after Brahma.
Also, if you go to Brazil and ask people who drink beer, they will insist that this is the Brazilian brand and why the craft beer will not pour itself into a big mountain.
In fact, as a Brazilian brand, it has gained a certain reputation in several other countries.
To be honest, it was born without a country, and beer as a suspicious source continues to exist in other countries. While A-
Prior to being acquired by multinational brewers, the Budweiser InBev and Miller brands started at least in other countries, and Skol is a multinational beer without a country.
Brazil can claim it, but in-
B. Bud got his passport. 4.
Brewers: Anheuser
Speaking of which, there is little reason to think Budweiser is an \"American\" beer.
In addition to the acquisition of Anheuser-
Budweiser beer was popular in the United States in 2008. S.
Has been declining for years.
In the 1980 s, it accounted for nearly 25% of all beer.
This ratio fell by 2012 per cent to below 8% per cent.
Budweiser brand sales are booming in Latin America and China, but sales here are down as production drops below Bud Light and falls below Coules light and gradually enters the Miller Lite field.
Nevertheless, it sells in more than 85 countries around the world and has a large global market that it can take advantage.
Europe is not too much in that area. A-
InBev can sell the beer there, but Czech brewery Budejovicky Budvar has the trademark right of Budweiser beer there.
In large parts of Europe-
Including Germany and the Czech Republic-A-
B\'s product is \"Bud \". \" 3.
Budweiser Light beer: Budweiser
In the United States, there is one bottle for every five bottles of beer sold. S. is a Bud Light.
It has only appeared since 1982, but Bud Light exists in the United StatesS.
It is huge all over the world.
Add Bud Light Platinum, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Chelada and Bud Light straw-Ber-Ita, A-
B. When drinking super quality beer and flavored malt drinks, only the coverage of the brand has been expanded.
Sales and market share of Bud Light in the USS.
Since the recession, the US economy has begun to decline. S.
Drinkers still consume twice as much as non-drinkers.
2 beers nationwide--Coors Light.
It has a long way to go. 2 beer-
Consumer countries in the world.
Any sales it can get anywhere else in the world are just a bonus. 2.
Tsingtao beer: Tsingtao beer, with its huge global reputation, you can credit it for its 15% share of Tsingtao beer in the Chinese market, but it is the long-term international influence of this beer that makes it an international
Qingdao began brewing in 1904, but began exporting products 50 years later.
Its first bottle began to arrive in the United States. S.
In 1972, it has become a staple food for bottle shops to import shelves and restaurant beer menus for more than 40 years.
Qingdao used to be owned by China itself, privatized in 1990 and privatized by-InBev was in 2009. A-
B has only 30% of the shares and when it is clear that it will never be able to take over the brewery, it sells the shares to local interest groups.
This is a big brewery.
B can\'t wear gloves. Its 4.
Compared to A-, 1% of the global beer market seems to be smallB\'s 20.
6%, but as long as the share of molsoncoors is considered to be 3. 6%. A-
B had to give up buying China\'s Molson beer, which is not bad for Qingdao. 1.
Snowflake Beer: SABMiller/China Resources Company, which did not exist 21 years ago, is now the largest beer in the world.
This is the advantage of the Chinese beer market.
There is really nothing special about this light beer produced by SABMiller/Chinese resource companies working together on CR Snow.
Yellow soda 3.
9% alcohol volume beer, brewed with mild Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, snow is just your basic light beer with a slightly lower potency.
However, this is the most popular beer in China.
In order to meet the demand, 80 breweries are needed, and China Resources Enterprises are also increasing.
You will not see it at the World Cup in Brazil, it is not common in the United StatesS.
But this is a good example of what a winemaker can do when a untapped market waits for it. --
Written by Jason Notte, Portland, Oregon.
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