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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-01
[Which brand of outdoor sportswear is good] When we buy clothes, we no longer simply look at quality and price, but more often focus on brand factors, which is why many people like to buy big brands and luxury goods. Some People are because the brand is big and have face, some people are loyal to the brand, and some people think that the big brand is trustworthy. (Climbing sportswear) Which outdoor sportswear manufacturer brand is better? Outdoor sports is a sports that many young people are keen on, because outdoor often symbolizes freedom, extremes, cross-country, etc. These are very in line with the mentality of young people, so the main reasons why outdoor sports can spread rapidly among young people are these. Outdoor sports require professional equipment, among which sportswear is a very important outdoor equipment in No. 1 Middle School. In the face of Linglang's numerous outdoor sports brands, which brand of outdoor sportswear is better? The main outdoor sportswear manufacturer brands on the market are: Columbia, Pathfinder, Wolf Claw, Norseland, Les Fais, Kangerjianye, Camel, Marmot, Columbus, Archaeopteryx, Ingor , etc. What are these brands? How about that? Let's take a look at the price/performance ratio. Columbia and Pathfinder are all professional outdoor sportswear manufacturer, so the price is relatively expensive. A sportswear manufacturer costs thousands of dollars, while Ingor is from team sportswear, and there are fewer outdoor sportswear and jackets. But the quality is very good. It is made of four-way elastic fabric, which has stronger elasticity and is more suitable for mountaineering. There is basically no problem in meeting general outdoor sports, and the price is more than half cheaper than these international first-line brands. So, which brand of outdoor sportswear is better? Check out Ingor . Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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