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Ingor Sportswear teaches you how to fold sportswear - Ingor Sportswear Clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-11
First, turn the sportswear manufacturer upside down, but do not pull out the sleeves in the opposite direction; after folding the two shoulders in half, fold the clothes horizontally again, which can reduce the creases of the collars of the clothes; how to fold the trousers under the sportswear? The trousers are folded according to the trouser line and the center line to prevent wrinkles. customization and T-shirt customization manufacturer Ingor has taught you how to fold T-shirts before. How to fold sportswear and suits that are often worn in daily work? and sportswear are generally hung. If you want to travel on a business trip and the suitcase is small, what is the folding method of sportswear and sportswear? How to fold sportswear, sportswear, and trousers? (Competition clothing) After the suit is folded, do not press the clothes on it to avoid wrinkles. If there are folds accidentally, fill the bathtub with hot water, to have a steaming feeling, open the sportswear and use a hanger to hang it on the rail of the shower curtain, and ensure that there will be no creases the next morning. If we buy one or two sportswear suits, we basically go to the stores on the street or Taobao to buy them, because there are so many styles for us to choose from! But if we want to buy large quantities of sportswear or group purchases, we suggest you come to our Ingor to have a look. Team sportswear, because it is a sportswear suit worn by the team, so the style and color must conform to the temperament and image of the team to ensure that the attributes of the team can be reflected in this sportswear suit. These two factors are also a test for sportswear manufacturers, test the original ability of manufacturers, and test the production level of manufacturers. If you need customized sportswear suits, please contact: 86-15815657313 Related recommendations: How to choose the right electric welding T-shirt
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