ingor knitting teaches you 3 simple tricks to help you find the right underwear factory

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-01
Guangzhou ingorsports has been a seamless underwear processing factory for 17 years. It also has a store in Guangzhou International Trade City that is responsible for receiving customers. In recent years, the underwear processing factory has also vigorously developed e-commerce, so that customers who want to find underwear processing factories through the Internet can also find us quickly and easily. . In the process of receiving customers for such a long time, it is also found that many customers have taken many detours and have not found a manufacturer. Some manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of customers, and some manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of customers. Therefore, a lot of energy is spent, and it is often unpleasant for both parties. This is what we often call 'the wrong way'! So how can we find the right underwear processing factory? In fact, you only need to figure out these simple 3 points to know the general situation of an underwear processing factory.

1. Understand the strength of the underwear processing factory without leaving home, and look at the factory's publicity on the Internet in a simple way. The underwear processing factory with strength and specifications generally pays great attention to the channel to promote its own brand, winning Create a good reputation.

I remember that the editor was not particularly happy when shopping online. At that time, I took a fancy to a jacket on the Alibaba platform and found the same style, the same model, the same detail page, including the source of the store. The factory is exactly the same. In the company introduction, there is no picture and text display of the source factory such as the actual factory situation. The editor was very confused and asked the customer service, are you the real source factory or an agent? He told me that they were a real factory, and I even searched on Baidu with his store name. I asked him to send a few pictures of the factory, but he was very unhappy, so I haven't placed an order for this dress so far... …

Therefore, many customers will also have this doubt when looking for underwear processing factories online. Is the product behind the product seen on the Internet is the real factory? The official website is a good channel to know about the factory.

2. Is the customer service team or sales team of the underwear processing factory professional? As mentioned earlier, the service professionalism of this Ali customer service. I believe that people who buy or wholesale the same clothes online are more concerned about whether there is a real source factory behind them. The same is true for underwear processing plants, and customers often find us ingorsports and have this doubt. Then the customer service staff can provide some qualification certificates of the underwear processing factory, factory location and production facts. Then some intermediary agents or wholesalers are unable to provide such services.

3. Go to the underwear processing factory for field inspection. On this point, it is self-evident. If you really have an underwear processing order to find a manufacturer, it is necessary to visit the factory in advance. Even if you find a factory in the market or at an exhibition, you need to go to the factory to have a look. Many things can only be changed if you see them. There are some spectrum.

Speaking of this, I believe that many people who find our ingorsports underwear processing factory will highly recognize us. This is also due to the 17 years of development of ingorsports. It is a powerful and large-scale underwear processing factory. It does not stay on the lips, but really implements it, provides customers with excellent and appropriate service, makes customers feel the warmth of family, and always regards the needs of customers as the first task. 2017 Guangzhou underwear processing manufacturer ingorsports, you are worth choosing. Hotline: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding) QQ: 2083574942

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