Ingor Knitting, an intimate service underwear manufacturer, has been well received by customers

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-12
Sincerity is thoughtful service, and moving has infinite power. The sincere and considerate service of ingorsports underwear manufacturers often moves customers, and the praise from customers often makes the salesmen of underwear manufacturers who serve them feel more relieved.

In the previous article, I just entered the underwear business and found the right source underwear manufacturer. Fortunately, it is ingorsports - Shanghai customers said so, because Shanghai customers found the right source underwear manufacturer, the product quality is guaranteed, and the styles are novel and fashionable, so the customers are easy to sell , There is no backlog of inventory, customers are very happy, and our underwear manufacturers feel that the hard work is worth it.

The same is true for Taiwanese customers who cooperated with our underwear manufacturer years ago. A Taiwanese client found ingorsports through the Internet last year and contacted Ms. Liu, a salesperson of an underwear manufacturer. After several months of follow-up, the first cooperation last year was very smooth. After the beginning of the year, the client also brought her Japanese client to come again. When I went to the underwear factory, the boss and the wife of the boss personally accompanied the reception, and the customers were very moved. The customer told us bluntly that this men's sportswear manufacturer has a good response in Japan. This year, they need hundreds of thousands of pieces of this model alone. The boss and the boss also promised to upgrade them to the underwear factory's A-class high-quality customer treatment. , fully cooperate with customer needs, do a good job in production, and ensure quality.

In the next few months, customers have placed orders for tens of thousands or tens of thousands of pieces one after another. Coupled with the old customers of underwear manufacturers, other foreign trade orders have also been placed at the same time. Therefore, the production workshop of underwear manufacturers was very busy for a while.

In order to ensure the quality requirements of customers and smooth delivery. Ms. Liu, who is docking with the customer from the underwear manufacturer, followed the whole process, and many things were handled by herself. I often accompany the production to work overtime until late at night, and the guests are also very moved. Including the customer who sent the whole process to the underwear manufacturer to follow the order, she often praised Miss Liu for her seriousness and responsibility.

In order to ensure the quality requirements of customers and the delivery of underwear on schedule, Ms. Liu also feels a lot of pressure on herself. Customers often call or send messages to comfort Ms. Liu and tell her what will happen in work or other life in the future. You can talk to her about any grievances and pressures, and continue to encourage her.

Ms. Liu has been at the underwear factory for several years. Although she is a girl born in the 1990s, she sometimes feels wronged at work, but she is also very relieved to hear the customer comfort and encourage her, and she often tells us all in turn. Sharing, life is stressful, and because of the understanding and support of customers, she is proud of being a member of the ingorsports underwear manufacturer!

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