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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-23
Whether you're looking for a ballerina costume or a practical outfit in a dance studio, a ballet wrap skirt is a staple in every ballerina wardrobe.The ballet wrap dress is worn on the bodice and tights and is actually easy to make and requires only basic sewing skills.With a little bit of chiffon and ribbons, you can spin at any time.
Wrap the tape measure around your waist (or the waist of the person you make the skirt for) and overlap the tape measure in the front center.Extend the tape to both sides of the body.Record this number;..Record this number as well.Cut a rectangle from your chiffon fabric: the width of your skirt and the length of your skirt.
Snow shirts can be slippery.
Put the pattern weight (or other heavy objects) on the fabric before cutting so that the fabric does not move when cutting.Fold your rectangle in half so that both sides meet.Cut the bottom edge of the skirt on a curve.
Install a brand before starting sewingnew fine-Point the universal needle (70/10) to the sewing machine.If your machine has the ability to change foot tension, set it to a minimum setting.If not, it has been preset as medium voltage and should not be a problem.
Don't change it.
You want your stitching to be rather short in length, 12 to 20 needles per inch.Use very small zigzag stitching to sew on the entire bottom (curved) edge of the skirt.The zigzag stitching should go straight over the bottom edge of the chiffon shirt: one side of the zigzag stitching goes over the bottom and the other over the material.
This will surround the hem in the zigzag stitching, creating a rolling hem look and feel, eliminating the most worn parts.When the chiffon fabric goes through the foot, it helps to keep its front and back, making sure not to stretch the fabric while you keep it safe.If you are having problems sewing with chiffon, put a paper towel under the fabric while sewing.
You can tear off the paper gently later, which will help stabilize the snow spinning shirt when sewing.Fold the Edge foot with the roll edge.The lower edge of your skirt now has a finished hem that will not wear out.Trim any loose or miscellaneous lines that stretch out, be careful not to cut the skirt accidentally.
Measure your ribbon so it's three times the width of your skirt.Fold the ribbon in half and press it unless you are already using the doublefold bias tape.Close the top of the edge of the skirt in the middle of the folded ribbon.
Nail along the top of the skirt.
You want your PIN to stand up, or at 45-Angle to the direction you are going to sew.This will make it easier to remove the pin when sewing.Hang the end of the ribbon on the side of the skirt on the tie.
The tie should be able to wrap around you from the front to the back and tie a nice bow.After trying on the skirt, you can adjust the length as needed.Using small straight seams, sew the ribbon to the bottom edge of the ribbon, from one end of the ribbon to the other.
To put on the skirt, place the back center of the skirt in the back center of the waist.Wrap each side of the skirt around the front and fold one side of the skirt.Tie the tie tightly towards the center of your back and tie the bow on your back.
Proper care is required.
To clean, place the skirt in a mesh laundry bag and perform a subtle circular cleaning in cold water with a gentle detergent.After finishing, put the skirt flat on the towel to dry, then press it on the snow shirt with a second towel, remove any excess water from the snow shirt.Fully lying flat and dry allowed
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