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The 1930 s was a decade that brought some of the most significant developments in the fashion industry that we have used so far.Look at fashion in your 30 s.Sam Goldwyn of famous Hollywood media company MetroGoldwyn-Mayer paid Coco Chanel millions in 1931 (about $80 million today) to create some clothingScreening for some of the company's top actresses.To protect her position in the industry from new, upcoming designers, she accepted the offer.
Unfortunately, however, this attempt backfired and the public was not enthusiastic about Chanel's design.These clothes are too conservative and boring for Hollywood!The 1930 s was an important decade in fashion history, although not as notable as it was in their 20 s.This is when everyone is struggling from after-sales service.
The impact of the Wall Street crash when the Great Depression struck.Fashion becomes affordable, conservative and mature, shorter than the gorgeous bezel dress and hair style in your 20 s.Different fabrics were introduced as alternatives to expensive materials;Fashion designers like Coco Chanel, Elsa Xia Parry, and Madeline vio is caught in a very fast fashion with smart and new trends.
Most of the fashion we see today begins with this important decade, including off-the-shelf --to-Dress and zip!Now let's take a look at the details of how the fashion industry developed in the 1930 s.In their 30 s, the 10-year-old baffle dress began to be replaced by longer skirts, darker and softer colors, and mature cuts.Hollywood idols have had a big impact on fashion costumes in 1930s, and celebrities like Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford are starting to be seen everywhere.
The skirt and skirt start below the knee, in the middlecalf.The waist is clearer.The wide shoulders became very popular, making the shoulders popular.You can see up to 3 inch mats on coats, shirts and even evening dresses!The whole look is slim, wideShoulder, and slender outline, like a V-shape.
Working women in tight suitsFitted jacket and women's skirt.Puff sleeves, often decorated with folds and other designs, are very common and promoted by Joan Crawford.The neckline is low, either V-shaped or cross-crossed, and many times there are accents like laces, buttons and folds.
The evening dress gradually evolved into silk and other similar fabrics.It's usually very high.necked and low-to-no-backed.Clothes on the floorLength with different types of sleeve design and tie.--xa0Bows, buttons, lace and folds are popular decorations.
The Imperial waist is widely used, where the waist of the skirt extends a little below the chest, the skirt falls in a rolling way, and the back of the skirt is tied.Cross-cutting bias styles are also widely used in a variety of clothing.The back is cut from the baseline on both sides at an angle of 45 °, giving it a cross shapeover look.
The dress in the 1930 s was longer.
The hip has a fuller design;ankle-The long dress also fits well, highlighting the waist and figure of the woman.Wrap skirt, pleated skirt and straight skirt-The pattern of the cut skirt was noticed.Folds, bows and laces offer a more feminine look.
The shirt is simple, ButtonThe lower mode is mainly V neck.Coats and sweaters are also commonly used.Hats were popular in their 30 s, and many different styles appeared.
Rims with wide rims, small rims and various patterns.Styles such as berets, hats, headscarves and hats are very popular.Snoods, woven from crochet, are also widely watched, with crochet fixing the hair on the back in place.
Gloves with bags, large and bulky jewelry, watches, scarves and fur are all very popular accessories.Shoes like slope wedges, with thick high heels, became a common occurrence;Usually rounded up.toe styles.Ankle straps, two-tone spectator shoes, buckle shoes, flat shoes, sandals, high heels, and even zipper shoes are widely seen.
Hair is worn longer in their 30 s than in their 20 s, usually sideparted.Most women, including movie stars, like this hairstyle.At the age of 30, sunbathing did not attract much attention, and pale skin was still fashionable.
Rogue is a very popular cosmetic with lipstick and nail polish.Pencil-The eyebrows are thin, and many women actually make the eyebrows completely thinner, draw the eyebrows with a pencil to get the desired shape and look!Compared to the past few years, swimwear has become more eye-catching in its 30 s.The style is slightly shorter and more feminine.
Two-Swimsuits have also been introduced, but they are not common.Sports clothing also becomes more fit, shorter, and more suitable for sports.The internal wear changes greatly.Materials like satin are beginning to be used.
The skirt of the garment is removed to prevent it from being seen through the fabric that fits.The design of the corset has been updated.This is the first time in a decade to introduce the size of the Cup, providing convenience for women to shop.
This zipper was originally used by Madeleine Vionnet in women's clothing and soon became very popular.Ready-Around World War II, in their thirties, artificial clothing began to sell as people looked for convenient clothing options.The depression brought fabric cheaper than silk and artificial silk;Alternatives such as nylon and cotton were used.
Male, doubleChest suits with dark colors, hats and ties are the norm.The young boy is wearing socks and shorts.Three-Wear a suit on formal occasions.The shoulders of these suits are wide, the waist of the trousers is high, and there are folds.
You can ask for a sweater vest and trousers on an informal occasion.Among men, there is a fashion to wear a hat on the face;In women, hats are worn on one eye.In their 30 s, men's wear is easy to buy as it is packed in a complete package from tie to shoe!The tie is made of wool, and satin is gradually replaced, becoming a popular choice of clothing.
Fedora was greatly promoted as a preferred hat in her 30 s.It's almost everywhere, and movie stars are showing off.The hat in Panama is very popular.Cufflinks and signet rings are essential accessories.
The hairstyle is natural.
Set the gel and various styling methods are not welcome, short, sideNatural separationThere's hair.Older gentlemen have a beard, which is not common among young men.The age of 30 is an era of fashion change and development trend.
Clothing has changed from simple fashion to something more practical and convenient.The iconic designer has changed the course of the industry to today.It may not be possible without them
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