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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
It helps to be an exciting, fast and real team sport that includes jumping, running, catching and throwing.It is very similar to basketball.The sport is similar to basketball.However, the number of equipment, rules and teams is slightly different.There is no run with the ball, no run with the ball.There are seven players in each team.Passing in 3 seconds is a prerequisite.The basket and ball are slightly smaller.The game does not include any rebounds.Players are designed for specific areas of the stadium.This game is played by more than 20 million people from 70 different countries.
Men and women can play this game.Women are the most traditional players in this game.

Play an indispensable role in running training courses more smoothly.So the team is able to focus on strategy and hands-on games.Some uniforms can be found by online retailers.

Whether you're in a competition or training, bibs are considered an integral part of the uniform.This is a prerequisite that with the help of letters showing each player's position, bibs should be marked in a clear way.This includes wing attack, center Center, Target attack, wing defense, target shooter, target defense goalkeeper, etc.They should match each player in a way that makes sure they don't slip off their shoulders.As we all know, the captain is responsible for choosing the right size biodiversity for each member of the team.

Some women's teams have gained a high reputation in matching these dresses or skirts as uniforms.The mixed team usually chooses shorts so that each member of the team can wear a similar uniform.Some female players are also known for their love of wearing shorts because they are less exposed.

Players must wear a breathable training jacket to allow players to move on the highway during training.This game is considered to be a very influential sport, including jumping and running.
The compression style sports bra is considered an ideal choice for women with smaller breasts.Those with large cups need an encapsulated sports bra for adequate support.

This training shoe is known for providing great support.The sole should have enough padding to enable the player to jump and land without hurting the joint or foot.The soles of these shoes have enough grip to dodge or change direction quickly.Finally, the training shoes are popular in a popular way and in good condition.If you play in shoes that don't fit or wear, there is a risk of injury to your ankle or foot, or even blisters.

If you wear socks in your training shoes, they will help players avoid blisters.Some players even wear two pairs of socks in total to increase padding and buffering.

Wearing jewelry in court is certainly a bad idea.Earrings, bracelets and necklaces may be in fast-paced on-Court action that caused damage to jewelry or caused damage to the player.All members of the team should remove the jewelry before setting foot on the pitch.
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