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outdoor running tights 7 pieces of cold weather running gear you need right now ...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-20
Today, the East Coast suffered a severe cold wave.This means this is the winter running season.It\'s painful.I really think it's a chore.However, it is worth running in cold weather.
When I finally went out on a warm spring day, I almost flew out of joy.Over the years, my winter running gear from beat-From the hoodie to the streamlined and beautiful clothes.As long as you have a few-Running in winter is a breeze.
Of course, it's super cold.
This is the 7 staples in my closet in cold weather.I opt for Dri-Install the material under my running jacket.Believe it or not, you will sweat more in a cold run.
It helps absorb everything so you don't feel sick when you get back inside.More Nike Dri really can't go wrongFit.Epic Lux moves well and looks better.I have regular navy and black people, but these special dishes are too delicious to share.Layers are the key in winter.By choosing higher socks under running tights, the whole outfit adds vital heat.
Or, you know, you can do a full dance with some warm leg covers.If you buy something from this list, make sure it is this.This jacket completely changed my point of view of running in the hot cold.
Unfortunately, the reflective details of the new version look smaller.It's all right!Make sure these gloves still work on the iPhone.Nothing is more annoying than taking off your gloves in cold weather.
It looks a bit silly, but it did finish the job.The neck is very warm, especially in windy weather (passed by Chicago test ).The piercing of this neck heater ensures that you do not breathe in the fabric every time you breathe.
I think it's a bit bad for so many shafts.To be honest, they are one of the best brands for running gear.This headband is great to keep your ears warm and comfortable.
Personally, I chose not to run because I was sweating too much
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