custom sports bras Help with a woman's touch

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custom sports bras Help with a woman\'s touch
Although one out of every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime, her chances of survival are increasing due to early detection and more effective treatment.Nevertheless, the American Cancer Society estimates that 175,000 new invasive breast cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States.S.women in 1999.Many of these women will be treated including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, mass resection or mastectomy, all of which are physically and emotionally harmful.As more women survive breast cancer, more and more businesses are responding to calls for products and services tailored to their unique needs.In addition to companies that have long focused on wigs and breast implants, department stores like Nordstrom are now offering this product as well as specialized cosmetics.The J.C.Penney catalog offers fashion and products for mastectomy.The Women's Health Resource Center in San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center has a boutique run by Jenny Lang, which also has stores in Auckland and San Rafael.The Bay Area Breast Cancer Resource Guide, published by the San Francisco Better Health Foundation, lists other businesses that meet the needs of women with breast cancer.Including your personal image in San Francisco;Breast Care in Auckland ImaniMazer, Pleasanton and Walnut CreekThe impression of SausalitoThe Next Step ...A women's boutique in Los Gatos;Siloette of Los Altos;Satin finish in Fairfield;And the accent of the Santa Rosa health boutique.San Mateo is a typical family of two more likely to be more personalized approaches.Women's Health boutiques and night cream stores provide products and services in a comfortable environment.They also provideon-Attention sensitive to the feelings and needs of women.Enes C.Rice, the owner of the late lantern pants, began her career in Levi's brothers underwear and foundation.Department store in San Mateo.She said that some of her customers who had undergone a mastectomy "had just been destroyed and had to go" to a local prosthetic shop because it was very clinical and she recalled the situation about 30 years agoIn addition, the breast prosthesis is like a bean bag."I said to a salesman, 'there must be something better," she said. '".After he told her something more natural.She convinced her boss to provide prosthetic limbs and later products.Bra for mastectomyShe became an expert in these products.After the Levy brothers.In her 1980 s, she began thinking about opening her own shop.In 1987, she bought a private clothing store in the courtyard behind the Benjamin Franklin Hotel on Third Avenue.It looks perfect because "I don't want to make (my store) look like a doctor."I hope it's female," Rice said .".She added her specialty products to the general underwear, Cruise Clothing and casual clothes already carried by the store.Walking into the store, you will see a typical colorful swimsuit, casual clothes and silky underwear in an intimate clothing store.In the back room, however, the shelves are filled with various types and sizes of breast implants, bras with prosthetic pockets, sports bras and soft pants.The latter is camisoles lightly filled with soft fabric, and when the cut is healed, women wear four to six weeks after breast surgery.They can then be mounted on the prosthesis.Prices range from $280 to $372, Rice said.She said she could order cheaper but was not very happy.The prosthesis is in the pocket of a bra or swimsuit, and can also be attached to the chest with tape or gel.She sells bras and swimsuits with pockets, or a seamstress will sew them into items that a woman already has.Other featured products include wigs, headscarves, creams and shampoos used during chemotherapy and radiation creamsdamaged skin.Latecomers also has a library of movies showing how artificial limbs are made and worn.Rice estimates that 85 to 4,000 of her roughly 90% clients have breast cancer.Rice has five employees, and she is a board member of the Women's Health Education Network, a trade group that, among other efforts, A certification program has been launched for women's health stores and breast resection fitters.Susan Haskel and Sharon.The owners and sole employees of the women's health boutique in Lyon also belong to the network.In last September, they opened stores in a major residential area on St. Matt Onan B Street.Nurse Haskel and health care administrator Leon work for the health care program in San Mateo County, a public health system and HMO in health carePatients in the county.Lyon heard about the national franchise women's health boutique at a conference of professional women entrepreneurs.On March 1998, she and Haskel visited the headquarters of the franchise company in Cypress, Texas."I saw what they were doing and I was totally addicted," Haskel said .".During a three-The two conducted a week-long training at headquarters, developed a business plan and applied for a federal Small Business Administration loan.When they decided to rent Street B, they learned about a custom ownerThe Fit bra company upstairs wants to retire.They bought the owner upstairs and added her stock to their stock.The women's health boutique, which earns less than $18 million a year, has 16 stores nationwide and plans to open three more soon.The San Mateo store is the only one in California.The franchise emphasizes shops that are home and attractive, not institutional.So walking into the San Mateo store is like walking into someone's living room.Sofa, easy chair and antique box.The resident cat Arabella will most likely say hello and ask to be stroked.Soft music and soft fountains provide you with soothing background music.Most items are displayed in the second half of the store, and there are private fitting rooms in the store.Lyon estimates that about 80% of the store's 400 to 500 customers have breast cancer.Lyon says the store is close to this even though it is not profitable. He noted that the franchise's sales in a store in Texas last month were $50,000.In addition to selling artificial limbs, wigs, headscarves, creams and other products, the San Mateo store also sells compression sleeves for lymph edema, edema and other types of swelling.It also provides maternal and care products, urinary incontinence products and back braces for women with osteoporosis.The library has books, videos and other references.Insurance is available for many products.Daina Pitzenberger, vice president of franchise and health care administrator, noted that the Federal Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, among other things, required medical insurance companies to pay for prosthetic limbs and bras.Vicki O'Donnell, a former San Bruno resident who moved to Sacramento last year, has been using insurance to buy from late arrivals since a mastectomy in 1995"You will be very worried when you go for the first time, but they make your traumatic experience very comfortable and relaxed.They eliminated all my fears, "she said.When she was 83, she became more appreciative of the methodyear-The old aunt who had a mastectomy 30 years ago bought a prothesis at a San Francisco company that sells various types of artificial limbs, such as artificial limbs and other medical equipment."This is too impersonal.I can't believe the difference ."She added that her aunt initially got an inappropriate prosthesis, but O'Donnell insisted on a more suitable one.O'Donnell compares her aunt's experience with her own experience in latecomers, saying, "you are part of a family when you go in.They're special to you."Guidelines for Breast Cancer resources in the Bay Area" is provided by Better Health Foundation 2107 Van Ness Ave with English and Spanish versions.Suite 403, San Francisco 94109;(415) 775-5921;fax (415) 775-1065;e-mail,;Web, www.Better Health Foundationorg.<
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