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After practicing yoga for 10 years, he made yoga clothes from architects across borders

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-17
Chen Hongjun is a real cross-border talent, and every cross-border is thorough and frequent. Since his work, he has been involved in import and export trade, architectural design, engineering construction, bar management and other industries. In 2014, he crossed the border again and founded samyama, a yoga clothing brand, and got a friend's 5 million angel investment. Since he came into contact with yoga in 2006, Chen Hongjun has become a devout practitioner of yoga. Three years later, he began to run the business of yoga clothing and expanded the cross-border territory again. However, as he studied yoga for a longer time, he decided to give up other businesses and concentrate on the creation and operation of domestic yoga brands. Yoga makes me more focused and clear. 'Chen Hongjun said. In the yoga clothing market, the famous Canadian brand lululemon has been occupying the main markets at home and abroad, but the price is high, and the unit price of a single product is close to a thousand yuan. What Chen Hongjun wants to do is, lower the buying threshold for yoga consumers at less expensive prices, further expand the yoga clothing market, and establish a yoga learning and communication community. Double Eleven sales Super lululemon yoga has been in the country for many years, the entire yoga fan group has reached tens of millions of people, many yoga clothing brands such as lululemon have poured in, but according to industry statistics, at present, less than 30% of domestic Yoga enthusiasts practice in professional yoga clothes, which means there is still a large market to be developed. In terms of supply chain, samyama has been building a number of small batch, fast-responding supply chains, and has the same fabrics and suppliers as lululemon yoga clothing, but lululemon's pricing for the same product is generally higher than samyama 3- 4 times, the customer unit price is generally on the line of thousands of yuan, behind the relatively high customer unit price is the premium given by the brand. Chen Hongjun also said that he is making early adjustments and layouts in clothing materials and categories, hoping to be in 5-Overtaking in 10 years. In terms of sales channels, samyama yoga clothing has two ways: Coach distribution and online direct sales. Through cooperation with yoga studios and yoga coaches, a large number of coaches will promote samyama yoga clothing through classroom or circle of friends, and the company will divide it according to the sales brought by the coaches. However, later, with samyama yoga clothing being laid out on online sales platforms such as Tmall and Proview, the prices of the two sales models clashed and were difficult to reconcile, and the distribution channels were temporarily closed by Chen Hongjun, only channels such as Tmall and Proview will be left. As of October this year, samyama yoga clothing has achieved more than 40 million sales, and its customer price is around 300 yuan. There are more than 300 SKU's, which is slightly higher for a subdivided sportswear brand, which is related to the attributes of the channel. 'The Tmall is based on the price comparison system, and only a large variety can show up, it is possible to be selected by more customers. 'Samyama's strategy has recently achieved remarkable results. In this year's Tmall double 11 event, samyama Tmall flagship store won the first place in sales of yoga Tmall platforms. Raising the ceiling overall, the ceiling of yoga clothing sales is still too low, Chen Hongjun has already noticed this. He told the small table that samyama yoga clothing will expand and break through both horizontally and vertically in the future, and may set up a new brand to operate. Specifically, Chen Hongjun plans to establish a yoga learning and communication community based on WeChat enterprise, connotation course video, recording, PPT and other content resources, import yoga enthusiasts, and then e-commerce to realize. 'There are no good yoga teachers in many places. Users can get better learning resources and social resources when they come to us, and the learning effect will be better. 'In the future, Chen Hongjun also hopes to apply the experience of yoga clothing sales to more fashion sports categories, such as running clothes, jazz clothes, tennis clothes, etc. , in order to catch up with the consumption upgrade. As for the specific expansion strategy, he said that he would not completely build himself, but adopt a relatively light model to find existing sports associations to cooperate, and the other party will introduce accurate passenger flow into its own platform, I will dig deeper into user value and sell various derivatives such as courses and equipment. The income will be divided into two parties. Chen Hongjun also said that the company will pay more attention to the construction of its own sales channels in the future, and may also restart the WeChat distribution method, instead of overlaying on platforms such as Tmall, because he found that, the flow Cost of Tmall is getting more and more expensive, even as high as 15- 20%, which is very serious for its own profit margin. On the team side, the company has nearly 40 employees, including 5 designers. In general, samyama, as a relatively young sportswear brand, has formed a certain scale of influence in the domestic yoga crowd in the short term. It can be seen that its development strategy based on sexual price comparison and channel has achieved certain success, however, if you want to surpass lululemon, you still need to work harder on brand connotation and story. Samyama will expand more business categories next, which requires a good grasp of strength and rhythm to be more stable.
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