your boobs can move up to 21cm when you run – how your bra could be making them sag

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-14
Do you have a \"runner\'s chest?
Well, if you haven\'t put on a sports bra professionally yet and you do have a weird run, then you might do that.
According to the world of runners, more and more women complain about chest pain on GPs.
\"If you don\'t wear a sports bra that fits perfectly, your chest can move around-not just up and down, but in and out and walking side by side, Dr. Sarah Jarvis told the Sun.
\"In fact, even with a sports bra, it\'s not uncommon to experience pain if you run far.
According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr. Jarvis said, \"one of the three women who participated in the marathon experienced breast pain, perhaps not surprisingly, the greater the opportunity.
\"The greater the degree of exercise, the greater the likelihood of breast pain, the ligaments and muscles that support the chest can become stretched and damaged, she said.
Joanna Wakefield
Scurr, head of breast health research at Portsmouth University, works with shock absorbers, the UK\'s number one sports bra brand.
Her team has been working on breast bioengineering and bra science for about 13 years, and she told The Sun that in their study of breast movement a few years ago, they saw an average of about 9 cm movement on all breast sizes.
\"In fact, we see up to 21 cm of the sport in some women, so it\'s very important,\" she said . \".
\"During the run, the breasts move in eight modes and we know how much exercise the sports bra can stop.
It all depends on how good the sports bra is for you.
This is a fairly complex and chaotic market for women.
There are so many styles and fit places that it is difficult for some to find the sports bra that suits them.
Or Fortunately, according to your size. . . )
, You don\'t wear a good sports bra will not be affected by the size of the chest.
\"We see a similar increase in breast movement in small and large breasts --
The function of the sports bra is the same.
Anyway, they reduce the movement of the breast.
\"Half of the female population experiences breast pain every month, which is exaggerated by exercise (
If not supported correctly).
One factor that causes pain is hormonal response, so this has nothing to do with size
Women with smaller breasts can get as much or more things as larger breasts.
But we know that sports bras can relieve pain.
You can damage the delicate tissue inside the breast, including the skin around the breast and Cooper\'s ligaments.
We have seen that the strain value of the breast tissue is large enough to cause appropriate damage, but the sports bra can effectively reduce these strain levels.
\"If the beast moves, this can have a negative impact on the way you move as a whole.
You may run differently if you let the quality move around.
\"Bouncing breasts can be an obstacle for some women to exercise, and again, this is not necessarily unique to women with big breasts.
Once the organization is supported (
Cooper ligament)
Stretch around your breast and it will not restore shape.
This means that there is no way to come back once your chest starts to sag.
Of course, sick.
Generally, a fitted bra can cause serious damage to your back.
Although you can\'t reverse the Depression (
No knife)
You can prevent further damage.
The National Health Service says 70 women wear the wrong size bra.
This is especially true if you do a healthy kick, because when you exercise more and eat better, your chest tends to get a little smaller.
This means that your sports bra may not give you the maximum support you need.
The most common mistakes?
It is too loose to wear underwear, and the cup is too small.
Joanna explained that there are three types of sports bras to choose from --
Package, each chest is encapsulated in its own Cup
Like a normal bra. compression -
Where the chest is pressed;
And combination
A mix of the two.
\"We tend to look at this combination in terms of functional bioengineering and consumer perspective, which is currently working well.
\"Your best bet is to keep on working out and then figure out which style is right for you and the type of sport you plan to do.
Experts have seen similar range of breast movements in smaller and larger breasts, so the function of the sports bra will be the same as your size.
You will reap the benefits as long as it really fits.
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