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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-31
1. Why should the collar of the stand-up collar be set with collar and shoulders in clothing customization? A: The stand-up collar is also called the enterprise collar, and its shape is similar to the neck of a penguin. The root of the neck and the curved surface of the neck should be distinct. If the collar is in the shape of a closed neck, the horizontal opening of the collar is only 1 cm. The height of the collar set by the neckline as an extension line cannot reach the length of the top of the neckline. Therefore, the front and rear collar circumferences must be set in clothing customization to make up for it. Measure the required amount for the collar, and then put out the part of the measurement that is not enough for the collar on both sides of the provincial line on the collar. In clothing customization, generally 1.6 to 2 cm can be placed on the top of the front collar. The top of the back collar should be placed 1 cm, and the back collar gives the impression of a rectangle. If some clothes have a dividing line in the neckline. It is also possible to achieve the amount of open neck opening by overlapping and intersecting. The full raglan sleeves are attached to the collar. The dividing line of the back collar is based on the extension line of the raglan seam, and the collar is wide. (sportswear manufacturer manufacturer) 2. Why are the heights of the front and middle of the same stand-up collar different? Answer: This is related to the size of the clothes in clothing customization, because for every 4 cm increase in bust circumference, the collar circumference in clothing customization will be expanded by 0.8-1 cm. The gap of 1/2 collar circumference is 0.40.5 cm. As the collar circumference increases, the collar also grows, so the warping in the front collar will gradually increase. - Adapted from Zhang Xiaochong's '150 Cases of Troubleshooting of Clothing Boards' Ingor is a company specializing in customizing sportswear manufacturer suits. No matter from the selection of raw materials or from the version of clothing, Ingor pursues the ultimate, 19 years of focus, Let Ingor keep improving. The style of sportswear is an evergreen style, which occupies an important position in the long history of clothing. It is also the first choice for us when exercising. Because it is made of light fabrics, which are breathable and perspiration, it has received a lot of attention. Partly welcome. If we buy one or two sportswear suits, we basically go to the stores on the street or Taobao to buy them, because there are so many styles for us to choose from! But if we want to buy large quantities of sportswear or group purchases, we suggest you come to our Ingor to have a look. Related recommendation: common T-shirt maintenance methods
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