Which factory in Guangzhou is the most professional in autumn bottoming shirt processing?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-17
It's autumn and winter, and it's the season of hot-selling bottoming shirts. Many people are also looking for autumn bottoming shirts processing factories. Naturally, they also hope to find a professional autumn bottoming shirt processing factory. Guangzhou has a well-developed light textile industry and gathers various factories. Among them, it is famous for the production of seamless knitted autumn bottoming shirts. Coupled with the popularity of Guangzhou International Trade City, more and more customers are processing autumn bottoming shirts. If you choose to come to Guangzhou, which factory in Guangzhou is the most professional in autumn bottoming shirt processing?

Look at a Guangzhou autumn bottoming shirt factory. In the past, people would choose to go to the trade city to visit the market. Through the glass wall, they felt similar to the clothes they wanted to make, and then went into details. Now with the application of the Internet Rising, looking at an autumn bottoming shirt processing factory, many people will choose to first search for this autumn bottoming shirt processing factory on the Internet to understand the display situation of the factory, and then generally judge whether this factory is similar to their own based on customer reputation. Looking for a match.

Smart autumn bottoming shirt processing manufacturers will display some online information about the scale and strength of the factory, customer cases, certificates, etc. to make customers believe.

Through the communication with the online customer service personnel, and then through the sample clothes, proofing confirmation, and then negotiate cooperation, and then go to the factory site inspection to understand each other's matching needs.

So which factory is the most professional in processing autumn bottoming shirts in Guangzhou?

Speaking of the factory in Guangzhou that processes autumn bottoming shirts, of course, the first promotion of Guangzhou ingorsports, Guangzhou ingorsports is located in the beautiful Niansanli River in Guangzhou, covering an area of u200bu200bnearly 20,000 square meters, with 350 employees, more than 330 Taiwan imported machinery and equipment, 7 senior designers with 18 years of experience in underwear design, at this time, 8-10 new autumn bottoming shirts are launched every day, with its own brand 'Van Xueer' - a famous brand in Jinhua City, 17 years without Sewing and knitting autumn bottoming shirt custom processing and foreign trade export experience, 20 years of experience! It can be customized by OEM, and has cooperated with Walmart and other well-known brands in OEM processing. Factory through Wal-Mart factory inspection, BSCI factory inspection, German Rheinland certification, ISO9001 certification! Products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and other places all year round, and the product quality meets the quality requirements of Japan and Western Europe!

Which factory in Guangzhou is the most professional in autumn bottoming shirt processing? Of course, it is Guangzhou seamless underwear factory ingorsports! Hotline: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding)

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