What is the size range of ingor knitted seamless underwear products?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-15
Ingorsports' more than 120 seamless knitting machines are capable of producing seamless underwear: 12-17 inches, 10-20 inches currently on the market

Domestic general size nylon 27-44 cm (plain weave), thread (1X1) 24-38

Cotton yarn 29-46 cm (plain weave), thread (1X1) 26-40

Nylon as 20/30 plus 78/48

Cotton yarn is calculated as 40S plus 20/30 (this place measures the bust or hip circumference)

Considering that the current seamless underwear products have been greatly improved, especially the rise of sportswear manufacturer, most of the fabrics are made of AB yarn and nylon.

The size that can be made has also greatly increased, so our ingorsports seamless underwear processing 120D AB yarn and 55D/24F nylon can achieve a maximum diameter of 50-51 cm. The finer the yarn, the smaller the size, and vice versa The same is true.

In the previous article, how many machines does ingorsports have, and what size can be processed? There is also an overview of all the seamless knitting machines currently available at Ingorsports, as well as the production capacity! There are more than 120 imported knitting machines and more than 200 imported sewing machines from Japan, with an annual production capacity of 12 million pieces of seamless underwear.

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