What is the prospect of the bra and underwear wholesale market in 2019, the answer is here

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
What is the prospect of the bra and underwear wholesale market in 2019, the answer is here

In 2019, China Business Business Data Center (CBNData) and e-commerce platforms such as Tmall released the 'Underwear Industry Trend Research' after analyzing big data. The research object, detailed analysis of the characteristics of various types of bra and underwear consumer groups and their development trends. In the past three years since 2016, the sales data of major e-commerce platforms show that the market share of the online bra and underwear wholesale market has steadily expanded, with bras and loungewear accounting for a large proportion.

1) The overall trend of consumption upgrading, the influx of young consumption forces, and the steady expansion of the market scale;
2) Domestic brands occupy the mainstream, and European high-end brands are gradually entering the market;
3) The domestic brand 'Manifane
4) The popularity of online consumption of rimless bras and Bralette is prominent;
5) Four characteristic consumer groups emerged: girls, young people, plump people and high-end people.

From the above data analysis, we can see that the domestic and international underwear market has broad prospects and huge customer resources. Guangzhou ingorsports has obtained a number of appearance patents through technological innovation and improvement of production processes. The affordable styles of seamless bras and underwear we produce are well received by customers and sell well in Japan, Europe and the United States. The bra and underwear wholesale factory direct sales ensure high quality while stabilizing the supply of goods, and customers have a steady stream of orders, showing a good momentum of development in the off-season. We firmly believe that only by focusing on product quality is responsible for the customer and for the company itself. The factory strictly controls the quality of various processes such as weaving, cutting, sewing, packaging, and logistics.

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