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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-12
What is the difference between a Van Cher sports bra and a regular bra

Generally speaking, sports bras are not supported by steel rings, and only have a sponge inside. Most of the ordinary bras have steel rings as a foil to gather them. The functions and purposes of the two are different. Sports bras cannot replace ordinary bras for long-term wear, and ordinary bras cannot replace sports bras for protection.

Sports bra is a bra specially designed to protect women when they are engaged in sports or fitness yoga clothes for women. Widening shoulder straps, I-shaped back, and material selection are all to make women more comfortable and healthy when exercising. In addition, sports bras allow you to have a good level of support even when you are exercising intensely. This is something that ordinary bras cannot achieve, but sports bras are not suitable for daily wear, have no body sculpting effect, and other Clothes don't match well, and wearing them too tightly around the chest for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable. Therefore, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and have their own advantages and disadvantages in different occasions and different purposes.

Vancher sports bra has 4 unique advantages: 1. Widened shoulder strap design, can effectively reduce shoulder pressure without streaking, I-shaped beautiful back is stable and comfortable; 2. Front zipper design, convenient 1. The chain can be put on and taken off; 3. Detachable chest pad, which is more convenient for cleaning;

All in all, sports bras are slightly better in terms of breathability, moisture absorption, perspiration, and zero restraint in sports bras without steel rings, while ordinary bras also have their advantages in terms of shaping, comfort, and dressing.
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