victoria’s secret stars suffer wardrobe malfunctions as gigi hadid’s bra pops opens and irina shayk and adriana lima flash their bums on the runway

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-06
Victoria\'s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, suffered an epic wardrobe glitch on the runway last night when her bra suddenly opened at high altitude.
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The straps of her complex body suit were unwound, while AngelsIrina Shayk and Adriana Lima also had problems on the T-stand as they accidentally showed their to the crowd
Last night, Gigi walked on the runway of luxury events in Paris wearing a strap bra and tights, with many straps attached.
However, the fasteners were loose while she was walking, and the top of her bra was not untied.
The beauty refused to let the disaster ruin her moments in the spotlight and managed to keep showing off her stuff.
Irina and Adrianna are also on the catwalk in exposed costumes, both of whom accidentally exposed their ass on the runway.
Adriana wore a small skirt on her panties and the dress seemed to fit up to give her ass a glance.
The audience was glanced at as she turned and walked away.
Bradley Cooper\'s model girlfriend was walking on the runway in a red tight dress on her VS underwear.
However, when she turned around at the end of the podium, she ended up showing more than expected.
When she made a big spin and showed her ass, she gave the audience a cheeky smile.
Styling sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are one of the famous faces who marvel at the fashion show in a series of exquisite costumes to promote the iconic brand at the annual gala.
21-year-old Gigi is wearing a red bra and shorts with a colorful flowing jacket and multiple pieces
Lace up in color, thigh-high boots.
As her hair rolled over her shoulder, the star showed a cheeky smile, and she hit the end of the runway before heading up to the next band with her head high.
Bella, a 20-year-old sister, is wearing a blue jewellery long-sleeved top with a metal black bra underneath to match the shorts.
Her hips have black feathers that rise behind her, and when she hits her mark at the end of the runway, the star looks like a beautiful mythical creature.
Bella changed into her second outfit, made up of gray and silver silk and lace basque, and when she put it on she walked on the T-stand
Weeknd performed one of his hit singles.
Despite breaking up earlier this month, when Bella walked by, the stars seemed comfortable with each other because of their eye contact and the singer was closer to beauty as she passed
Followed closely by the sister\'s close friend Kendall Jenner, who wore a black and white dress with a lace bra and long sleeves and a Victorian --
Collar neckline style. With her never-
End of the show, 21-year-
She walked confidently on the runway with black wings on the side of her lace-up heels.
British fans will be able to watch Victoria\'s Secret show from next week.
While some clothing is monochrome, the brand also makes sure there are a lot of colors in the fashion show.
Kendall and Joan Smalls have the opportunity to switch from dark shades to more vibrant shades, and when they go back in front of the crowd they seem happy.
One of the most exquisite costumes of the evening is the American model Devon Windsor, who is wearing a huge round frame tied to her waist as she walks off the runway. The 22-year-
Old handled the big disc calmly and managed to keep the big step as she manipulated the end of the fashion show and returned to the dressing room to change clothes.
Alexander Ambrosio is another angel to return to the T-stage, and she is a light-handed person in dealingh in luxurious attire.
One outfit includes a small lace with a lot of cutting details, with leaf wings on the top, while her second outfit is a black long-line bra, shorts and suspenders.
As the show is divided into different themes, a clip shows more pre-preparation, the look of the sport, and the model is dressed in sportswear
The style of socks and shirts.
Convert from bold colors to softer shades, from sexy colors to cute and girlish colors.
A key moment in the show is that Jasmine tux is on the runway wearing a Bright Night Fantasy Bra. Costing £2.
5 million, Eddie Bogo\'s glitzy design features 9,000 diamonds and emerald set on 18ct gold.
The production took more than 700 hours and weighed more than 450, and it looked amazing when Jasmine walked off the fashion show.
When the women presented their work with great fanfare, they accompanied the music of some of the world\'s largest artists, including Weeknd, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars.
Gaga went out of her way, as her fans expected, and when she hit some hits, she changed her outfits multiple times, including her new song from her current album Joanne.
At the same time, 31-year-old Bruno also brought his fashion
During the competition, he wore a fur coat and sunglasses, and before revealing a sharp tuxedo, he entered the venue.
With the end of the show, all the models returned to the stage, thanking the audience for their support and celebrating the success of the show.
When the confetti fell, the women cheered loudly and hugged each other while giving the crowd a final glimpse of the underwear they were doing.
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