US Open accused of sexism after Alize Cornet is penalised for briefly showing bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-24
S. Open organizers have expressed regret that in the case of allegations of gender discrimination, Cornet violated the code for changing shirts in court.
The 28-year-old French tennis star walked back to the stadium after a medical-induced high-temperature break without realizing that she accidentally put her coat on the wrong side.
She strode to the back of the court and before taking off her coat and putting it back in the right direction, she turned her back against her opponent, Johanna Larsson.
In the process of changing clothes for about 10 seconds, the world ranked first.
Her black sports bra was exposed.
At that time, Christian Rask, the judge in court, decided that the incident was inappropriate and immediately punished Cornet.
Cornet lost the game.
Social media users later described the punishment as \"gender discrimination \".
S. Open officials said Cornet should not receive a warning and will not face a fine, adding that the code has \"clarified\" that women players can change shirts, but only in \"more intimate places \".
A statement reads: \"All players can change their shirts when they are sitting in a player\'s chair.
This is not considered a code violation.
\"We regret the code violation MS on Cornet yesterday.
We have made clear the policy to ensure that this will not happen in the future.
Fortunately, she was only given a warning and was not subject to further penalties or fines.
\"Female players, if they choose, can also change shirts in a more intimate place closer to the stadium.
In this case, they will not be assessed as bathroom breaks.
\"Many famous people in the competition criticized the competition.
Former US Open champion Andy Murray\'s mother, Judy Murray, said on a viral tweet: \"Alize Cornet returned to the stadium after a 10-minute warm-up.
\"Her new shirt is worn from the back to the front.
Changed behind the court.
Code violation.
\"Lack of sports spirit. . . . .
But men can change their shirts in court.
Former US number one Billy Jean Kim also made such a suggestion, saying: \"The rule is outdated and impractical. \"And four-
Martina navaretilova, the US Open champion, said: \"If a person is wearing a sports bra, then of course it should be allowed.
\"If a person doesn\'t wear a sports bra then it should still be allowed --
I wouldn\'t do that alone.
\"The male players sit in the chair and often exchange shirts on the pitch with the referee\'s permission.
Women must follow a different set of rules.
WTA condemned the violation of the code, saying that it was \"unfair and not based on the WTA rules because WTA did not object to changing the rules of clothing in Court \".
It added: \"WTA has always been and will always be a pioneer in women\'s and women\'s movements.
\"There is nothing wrong with Alize.
\"During the US Open this year, the temperature has reached more than 40 degrees Celsius.
Both men and women have had warm-up matches-
Led to demand for fresh clothing.
Novak dejoko\'s performance is equivalent
In 32 games against Malton, Hungary, his shirt was taken off and his ice bath was on the court. 2C (89. 96F)temperatures.
Twitter user Alissa Warren posted a photo of Deyo in court, writing: \"arrested for violating the code [sic]
It took 10 seconds for alexesaw to turn right, but novakud can sit for a few minutes at half-time. naked\".
Cornet has yet to comment on the matter.
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