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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
In the past two years, everyone in the underwear factory reported that the order volume has declined seriously, the number of customer orders is small, and the number of customers is also decreasing. Ingorsports Guangzhou, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 18 years, has also experienced short-term fluctuations since last year, and the number of underwear orders has increased. However, in the autumn and winter season of 2017, the order volume of underwear factory ingorsports has risen against the trend, and the factory has begun to be very busy. Why is this?

Today, the editor will take you into ingorsports to learn about the strategic adjustments of the underwear factory in the past few years. I hope it will inspire you who are also opening an underwear factory.

Guangzhou, a magical place. Guangzhou International Trade City is well-known both at home and abroad. Most of the underwear manufacturers in Guangzhou have their own stores in the Trade City, and they mainly rely on the stores in the Trade City to receive orders. With the influence of the global economy and e-commerce network, the number of customers who directly come to the stores in the trade city from underwear manufacturers has decreased significantly. Last year, the ingorsports underwear factory in 2016 also clearly felt this, and the company also made timely strategic adjustments in response to this situation.

1. Rapidly expand multiple channels, and actively re-evaluate the development of e-commerce!

In the era of oversupply in the past, most Guangzhou underwear factories guarded a storefront in a trade city. They only need to wait quietly for customers to come to negotiate. Because the trade city is like a huge magnet attracting customers from all over the world, so At that time, as long as the factory has machinery and equipment, there is no need to worry about no orders. Ingorsports has been the same for the past 10 years. Now, with the rise of e-commerce network marketing, it is more convenient for customers to find factories. They can directly find the factory through the Internet, and then go to the underwear factory for negotiation. The goal is very clear.

In response to this situation, President Wang of the underwear factory quickly made strategic adjustments. In 2017, he established an e-commerce network team to quickly present the real advantages of the underwear factory to the target customers, so that customers can quickly and directly find us and contact us.

This is not just the past September, a customer came to us, visited our sample showroom, and selected a sample on the spot.

At the same time, ingorsports also refers to some large-scale exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, so that some customers who are accustomed to participating in the exhibition also have the opportunity to contact and learn about our ingorsports.

2. Reduce costs, give profits to customers, and advance and retreat with customers.

The global production downturn also directly affects the sales of underwear. How to keep existing customers and keep customers from losing, ingorsports also takes some targeted measures, aiming at some high-quality customers who cooperate with underwear factories, long-term cooperation, honesty and trustworthiness Yes, we reduced the profit a little bit to help customers get through this difficult time.

3. Insist on doing high-quality underwear, so that customers can sell with peace of mind.

Aiming at the downturn of the whole underwear market, the underwear factory ingorsports did not cut a lot of staff, but tried to meet the production situation as much as possible, increased the training of underwear factory personnel, and rectified the quality. Improve the overall skills of employees in the production and processing of underwear, and strive to make every underwear order made by the underwear factory so that customers can rest assured and 0 return rate.

At the same time, the underwear factory also processes the styles and materials of new underwear products, leading the underwear industry. As the underwear factory's online e-commerce network marketing has achieved initial results, combined with the storefront in the Trade City, the Canton Fair, etc., and the multi-channel approach, the underwear factory's ingorsports order volume this autumn and winter is obviously busy in the same period last year.

Indeed, at this stage, customers looking for seamless underwear manufacturers, as long as they find us ingorsports, as long as they come to our factory for a visit and interview, nine out of ten they will choose our ingorsports underwear factory, and only focus on medium and high seamless underwear in 18 years Underwear custom processing, do nothing else, because focus, so professional!

How about you? If you are also an underwear manufacturer, do you have better ideas or better strategic adjustments?

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