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To protect & uphold: Bra evolution in one amazing video

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-14
The first batch of charts can be traced back thousands of years ago, just made up of cloth wrapped around the body.
The Romans don\'t like big breasts, the clip says, so the \"mamillare\" bras try to disguise them.
In the Middle Ages, fashion has become an hourglass-shaped bodice.
Today, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are promoting the slimming effect of the design.
Women like childish apartments
In the early 20 th century, the chest design was designed with Symington, but by the end of 1920, the girl\'s form embraced the natural curve again.
In ten years, the new wired bra helps lift and support the breasts, a design that has been so popular so far, and it even deflected bullets according to the video! Post-
The war bullet bra was \"worn under a sweater to create a very beautiful look\", according to the charm magazine clip \".
Cone shapes were popularized by Hollywood idols such as Marilyn Monroe and briefly revived in the 1990 s.
The model demonstrates how to view-
People in their sixties, both pure and \"uncourageous\", have no lining or wires.
They are welcomed by the anti-mainstream culture of the times.
At the age of 1970, the nipple bra created a \"hot Cold Weather\", although the video says a recent attempt by a top lingerie company to bring it back failed. The first do-it-
Obviously, there are only two straps stuck together in your own sports bra.
Jogbra is the first sports bra to be produced.
While created in the 1960 s, Wonderbra regained its energy in its early 90 s and was the first to bring bustline\'s designs together to the market.
By the beginning of the 21st century, this shoulder-less nubra was made of silicone adhesive and was promoted to enhance the size of the breast.
The design is still popular with women who can wear shoulder-less and backless clothes.
Smart memory bra claims to provide a hi
The tech bubble, which expands with heat and contracts in the cold.
The video ends with a cheeky \"brave future,\" joking that women will become robots by the end of the century.
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