the fall 2012 sports gear guide

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-17
Some winners in autumn . . . . . . Helios 2: Orvis\'s New Rod hasn\'t come out in a month, but it\'s worth mentioning now.
I tested a 9-this summer-foot 4-
Weight on the Delaware River in New York (big water; big fish)
On some mountains in Colorado. tight water; small fish).
The rod is finished in beautiful midnight blue and is excellent in both cases: it is tight, fast, has the courage to throw all kinds of flies and handle all kinds of trout of all sizes.
It\'s hard for a legend to get better.
There is no doubt that the original Helios released five years ago by ovis is like this.
But if the rest of the new Helios 2 pole line performs as well as the 4 pole line
Oves helped me lose weight. (
Starting at $750)
Although I am not a sailor, I am fascinated by such products.
Sea Bags, a company in Portland, Maine, has been operating since 1999. Their shtick?
Make bags with recycled sails. Love it.
This fall, they offer a limited number of recycled canvas bags, IPod cases and shaving kits made of wool.
They are very prepared, but they are also very cool. ($40-$275)
Wading boots with rock grip-
Aluminum bars: most of the year, I was fishing on the super licking in salt.
The pier that extends to the ocean is perfect for reaching fish that you can\'t reach from shore.
But it\'s also dangerous. They get wet.
They are often covered with green mucus.
People always slip and are rushed into the sea.
In the past ten years, some people have died on my dock.
I have tried all kinds of fishing boots \"Splints \".
\"I have some Korkers.
I even modified an old pair of felt.
Cut the soul by drilling dozens of small screws into the bottom.
However, I never really felt 100% comfortable.
In fact, this summer, I slipped for the first time, hit my head on the rock, or knocked some feeling into my body, or knocked out a little bit of the feeling I left behind (
It depends on who you ask).
I personally think it was the former because on that day I ordered new boots from Batagonia.
Company founder Yvon Chouinard designed them for smooth rocks found on big steel head streams in the western United StatesS. and Canada.
But he might have designed the plane.
I have used it five times now in salt.
They are, hands-
This is the best jetty shoes I have ever had.
The five aluminum bars at the bottom bite into the Rock and provide unparalleled traction.
If I fall again, it\'s not the fault of my shoes. ($239)
Kang Kai: have you been hiking with the little guy? I have.
I already know that around 100 yards is probably their biggest walk away.
Then, of course, the old father must pick them up, either hold them in his arms or carry them on his shoulders.
The hiking is difficult.
The KangaKid can help.
This backpack made by German company Deuter is a beautiful combination: it is a backpack that can be converted into children --carrier.
To keep you away from sweat, the backpack is well ventilated and comes with a stable hip pad.
So you can let your kids go for a while and ride-in comfort—
All on the same hike.
Recommended to children over 6 months. ($159)
Amp Core vest: Colombia has been around for a while.
It makes sense for them to add a vest this fall: You have to keep your core warm or you will be in trouble.
The heating system on the vest has three different settings that you can make by pressing the button.
The outfit also comes with a rechargeable battery and can be connected to the phone in a pinch.
So you can keep warmand connected.
It\'s not cheap, though. ($400)
Spine RPM running shoes: The new Spine shoes for Under have been launched since summer, but it is worth mentioning here.
I tested a pair in July. They are ultra-light (9. 7 ounces)
But there are enough backbones to run the treadmill and outside.
To put it simply, they are the best running shoes produced by the company. ($100)
Golfers: Autumn is a bittersweet moment for golfers in the North: It\'s the most beautiful time to play, but the cooler, shorter time marks the end of the season.
GolfLogix application ($19.
99 all the bells and whistles)
Can help you finish the season with high grades.
The app has drawn more than 30,000 courses around the world so you can see the distance and get a fly-over preview of the holes. That’s cool.
But what\'s cooler than that: it can be personalized so you can track the actual distance and landing area of your own club.
Nike NFL clothing :(
NFL clothing is autumn clothing, right? Yes, it is. )
I\'m sure you already know, but Nike has an NFL clothing contract.
So, of course, you can get the jersey, T-
Shirts, NFL Dunk shoes, etc.
From the company.
Everything is fine, just like Reebok\'s old NFL costume.
But Nike also has a huge collection of women, which is where they actually start running.
Wait, the wrong movement . . . . . . ).
Do you know they sell capri pants with team badges?
What about sports bras for NFL teams? Holy cow!
Let\'s be frank: There\'s nothing better than seeing your lady wearing a $35 steel sports bra. Nothing. You know it. --
Look at my new book, \"fourth and goal: a man pursuing his dream of repossession. \"
\"Exciting, unforgettable.
This is a book you must read.
The biography of Bill Koch is very attractive.
Publisher Weekly tells a winning story for Friday Night Lights fans and the American Dream Believers.
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