the falconer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-22
The ball is a face.
Exposed, full of wind cream, hemp-like, smiling.
No, this is not a face.
This is a huge circular world with cracks and canyons sliding between the tectonic plates.
I bounce the world hard at the top of the black and it\'s back in my hands again covered with diamond dust from New York City --
Sidewalk debris, glass, crystalline waste gas on the West Side Highway
It feels like a man\'s stubble, or the feeling of my imaginary stubble on the palm of my hand, and it\'s another face.
I shot my face and it came back to my hands again, which is another matter. A sun.
A red earth.
An equal size sphere made of cowhide and filled with nitrogen and oxygen.
No matter what it is, no matter what I imagine, I know it has some sort of magical power.
Percy is around me.
Limbs are like wind chimes in a hurricane.
He opened the door in the passing lane.
Love for the ball. But I got this.
I played all the games.
I took the sun over my ankle as if it were rocking up and down the horizon.
I can\'t pass it.
The guy guarding me has something from a college player.
A basket of powerful drives, but knees, only work every other game.
There is no opponent of the Skywalker on me.
I am small in size but much faster, the first step is scary and I am very confident in my muscles.
I am very tolerant of him. Leave him flat-
Feet and salty when I pass.
I pull up from a place in the low atmosphere where gravity is diluted and fire a rainbow.
The red planet passes through the chain net without touching anything.
It\'s like it\'s sucked into the perfect center of a black hole. Thwip.
The rally on the black top was good and gentle.
Won the pickup game for a while.
My man just stood there with his hands on his hips, shook his head and looked at me. Grinning goofy.
Sweat flows down his face.
I\'m hard inside. core gloating.
But I keep calm outside.
I like school students who regard me as an easy score.
\"Girl,\" he said, \"You are real, you are real,\" he took my hand and pulled my whole body into his body, took three shots of my brother hug that gave me a real but sweaty back
There\'s only one place in the whole universe with a pizza bagels.
A Jewish and Italian dog. girl—
May get this compliment from a middleman
Black Age: 40 degrees latitude
73 degrees
Find it on your Atlas.
\"Rolling pig,\" Percy shouted as he strolled.
Make music while he moves.
He hung his Lily.
The white arm had random Tan freckle clusters on my shoulder, complaining: \"I\'m open, man. ”So was I.
But all I did was giggle at him as if to say something bad.
I think he looks better when he is angry.
Even though he started trying his beard and greasy hair when he was five years old, he cut it out of a bowl.
About the strong combination of sweat and Draka Bino and competitive, just do something for me.
The old guy left with an obvious excuse: must go home. It’s late. The wife. Yeah, whatever.
I know the real reason.
It\'s not fun to have a few high school kids hand your ass over to you, especially when one of them is 17 years old --year-old girl.
They put the red sphereface-star with them.
I met that basketball for the first time just 30 minutes ago, but I already know that I love it unconditional and it loves me in a way that doesn\'t have carbon --based life-form ever will.
As I watched it leave, I mourned it and hid it under the arm of my man.
I shouldn\'t have instilled so much magic into a ball, but when I was holding a ball I came out of the Invisible Girl Lucy Adler --
Lower case I, lower case g-
To Lucy Adler, the warrior goddess of manaharta.
The court is my phone booth.
I was changed.
Percy said, \"I want a small one --on-one action. ” Yeah? Me too.
But it\'s a different kind of behavior, friend. Sigh. Silly girl—
He\'s not interested.
Of course, I will let him play.
Even though the last time we went in, he dropped his skinny bony. shoulder, nailed me to my chin and hurt my front teeth, I would still play with him.
I can still feel the crack when I lick it with my tongue.
Even if he was nearly half a foot taller than me and he had all the goods, I would play him --
A solid backcourt player who can play outside as skillfully as the real twospot.
I will beat him even if I lose.
Because I can touch him if I hit him.
Put him up and feel the weight of his chest on my back.
I grabbed the ball that I brought to the court and sat right next to the rusty metal fence waiting for it to get the chance.
It\'s a little older than the last one we played, and there\'s no goose bumps on the meat anymore.
It\'s not a star, it\'s not a planet, it\'s not a face.
It feels heavy and not too ethereal.
I lost the ball.
The ball I played before was always perfect for me.
I know this man\'s cruelty too well.
\"I\'m down,\" I left.
\"You usually have obstacles.
\"Well, I won\'t go in to paint.
Imagine how fast it would be if I killed you.
\"There was a time when I could beat Percy in regular matches.
I was taller than him throughout middle school and he hasn\'t figured out how to defend the intersection yet.
I have accumulated enough Ws in those years and it took him a while to finally win the other side of his life --loss record.
But most of the time in high school, I had a hard time.
Beating me has never been a routine, but I can rarely win now without forcing obstacles.
He gave me the ball. I take my time.
Follow the perimeter like a wolf.
He didn\'t know that I had been shooting hard for my perimeter all summer, so he hung up on me and waited to defend a game.
I dribble slowly to the left side of the basket, right inside my newly discovered sweet spot arc. Thwip. Perfection. The chain-
Link net jangles sounds like someone is counting a rosary.
\"Good luck,\" Percy said while catching the ball. “Skill.
\"If there is any occupation, I can do something in my life, as a job, as a way to earn a salary
Range jumper, I want to do this.
I want to be paid for it.
I tried to explain this to my college counselor, but she just said with a smile, \"it\'s cute,\" and told me to focus on AP physics.
Look, if I throw a ball 10 feet from the basket, I have a 6-
On my lens, I can calculate the increment on the parabolic arc, no problem.
What exactly does this mean? Nothing. That’s what.
The only thing I\'m interested in right now is feeling. Feeling heat. Feeling touch.
Feel the idea. Feeling body.
There\'s nothing better than playing basketball in front of you-on-one opponent. Nada.
Since Percy is a pure Darwin, he strictly follows the rules of the playground, which means it\'s the winner\'s ball: my ball.
It\'s always a loser\'s ball in the school\'s gym because your opponent should have a chance to get back to the game.
When you find out if a person thinks that basketball should be a winner or a loser\'s ball, you may know all about him that you need to know.
I opened it this time. Use my speed.
Percy blocked me with his ungodly wingspan.
His feet were quick and reflected my every move.
I pushed all my weight to his chest, knocked the ball with the dribble, and pushed him back to the basket with the dribble.
He pushed back, but not as tough as he was on an opponent closer to his size.
Fuck it, because he\'s very tolerant of me.
I punished him for that.
Put it under his arm.
\"Do you want to throw it down?
Let\'s throw it down, \"he said.
I have full control of my power now.
Like lightning coming from my fingertips
Just like I guided Lucy Adler\'s soul in another dimension.
The place where beauty and sexy are dripping from me is smooth and careless.
I narrowed my eyes and purringly said to him, \"Let\'s see what you have.
Why should I seduce him?
His arm was long and his hand was fast, so I lifted my right arm up and blocked him and dribble with my left hand.
Use my elbow to lean against him.
He stroked my chest through my chest.
Very few things I get are tied to my ribs by a sports bra, so I doubt if he feels anything that can move him.
He hit the ball from under my forearm and I raised a Hail Mary. “Reach-in!
\"When the ball sailed overhead and landed high bounce behind him, I yelled.
\"You\'re not serious.
You\'re not on the phone-in on me.
No blood, no foul.
Don\'t make a pussy.
\"I want to help you solve your little self-problem. control.
In the game, the referee will bring this up to you.
\"Percy does not believe in killing a person\'s ID card.
He is a creature governed by the principle of happiness, and because of this he cannot resist contact --in.
It feels so good when he gets away, so it\'s always worth the risk. “Whatever.
You just want to win. ” I smile. “Maybe.
\"I went to that line.
\"So, will you respect it?
\"This nonsense. Sure, go ahead.
Take your damn free throw.
It will be more interesting to hit you.
He gave me the ball.
I seized it and did not flinch. Five dribbles. Bend the knees. Squat. Square my body. Release. Damn. Just missed.
Percy grabbed the rebounds before I played.
For a second, I took a look at the people who were full of fun. court five-on-Five next to us.
They are mainly black and Hispanic children, but there are a few white people playing with an Asian child.
They all look very close to our age and may be a little older.
They\'re playing with shirts and skins.
Most people on the skin deserve it. sleek six-
Bags and tight navel everywhere.
They swim in old clothes.
Nike shorts, their belts reveal.
They\'re shouting, watching him. Watch him. Me. Me. Me. Pass it. Pass it.
Play a ball, pussy.
They are clapping, they are beating each other\'s back, they are laughing.
Their boom box has exploded some random mixed hips. hop—
Some lovely boys and Das EFX are pounding now! Duh-dun-uh, duh-dun-
Make the boy a boy!
The speaker can\'t handle the bass.
The music poured down on the court, faint and harsh.
But that\'s okay.
That\'s the rhythm they want.
As soon as we walked into the course at Riverside Park, the shirt allowed Percy to join their team.
Why don\'t they?
Look at him: Six-foot-
Three sheep and animals
He glanced at me first and said, \"Of course, we will play.
They said, \"only you, not the girl.
\"Percy spit in a court near them, a beautiful fat pig. “Your loss.
She can kick your ass.
Melt My girl\'s heart.
What those kids in shirts don\'t know is that Percy and I would be better together as a pickup truck teammate.
Do they know how many hours we spent in his Alley? oop?
Do they know that no one can put it in his exact position like I did?
Do they know we play together in these courts from the fucking embryos?
We are basketball telepathy at this point?
They don\'t know anything.
When I left them, I felt proud and small.
Screw them anyway.
We hit the middle-
On the contrary, the old fat won. I’ll take it.
I got into the hip beat-
They are blasting.
My temporary metronome.
I put myself on the ball on my feet and try to get ready to play D, but my attention is a bit distracting and that\'s all I need.
The board is Percy.
\"That\'s it,\" I said.
\"If you play junk defense, I will throw bombs at you all day long.
\"Trembling, has been checked.
\"This time I played the dirty defense I knew he liked.
The weak side of him, the right side of him.
He put down his left shoulder and pushed it to my collarbone.
I have exhausted all my strength and strength.
No matter what weight I have
Try to lose his balance.
He punched me hard, but if he thought he could impress me so easily, he would have the illusion.
Contact like this is my purpose to live.
I tried to beat him.
Pushing back hard at him, so hard, I found that I was basically growling, like defending every muscle he needed from my body, including my solar nerves.
Every time we come back from a collision, it becomes more and more difficult for our bodies to collide.
He beat me with a force that I knew would leave me with a slight superficial bruises. It feels good.
But I can\'t hold on.
It\'s getting harder and harder to push him away from me.
The magnetic suction between us is too strong.
Every time I purr, Percy\'s smile gets bigger and bigger. . . Wait. Shit. He’s . . . toying with me.
He only needs to shoot the ball, but he wants to watch me work. Nuh-uh. Lucy. Adler. Does. Not. Get. Played. So I stop. I lay off him.
He pulled back, dribbling and shooting a few times.
His shirt went up and I saw his brief and interesting glimpse on his dirty blonde and sweaty-backed happy trail. Damn.
I shouldn\'t have seen it.
I hope he didn\'t notice.
The ball fell off the net behind me, and Percy jogged to catch the ball.
When I catch my breath, I put my hand on my hips and look up at the sky.
\"You know, you\'re a jerk? ” “Please. You love it. You lurve it.
\"He gently bounced the ball off my back, a hard spot between the shoulder blades.
That\'s not what I hope.
The game was quickly unlocked for me.
Both quickly become 4-2 and then 6-2.
We play one or seven games, no matter what shots I have to show him, I\'m still a worthy opponent, still close to being equal to him and disappearing.
He has a relaxed lead, so smug assholes turn to a huge three
From the city center so far, he is almost in Bowery.
It sounded like a church bell from the edge, and it echoed in a sine throughout the stadium.
We wanted to chase it down, but he had the adrenaline of a winner.
He grabbed the ball, turned and faced me and the basket.
Here you are, children.
A defining moment
I dug in. it\'s low.
My champion mesh shorts.
Prepare for what is coming.
He held the ball with his huge left hand, just like he was Jordan, hitting the toe of his pivot foot in front of me. Taunting me.
Please steal it.
I\'m not a fool on the basketball court.
Maybe I\'m a fool in other aspects of life, but not here.
He has taken this disgusting move against me before, so I know to stay calm and wait for this jerk to go out.
But the kid started staring at me.
Right in front of us.
Challenge me fourth.
Grade gaze contest in a matchon-
A battle of the Royal
I\'m not afraid of any eye contact.
I caught his eyes and did not blink.
He has a pair of green eyes with dark blue on the outer edge of the pupil and a spot on the left iris that looks like the moon in orbit through Jupiter.
If it was hand drawn, it would be more beautiful.
How imperfect.
The girl fell in love with the boy for less money.
A small river on the back of the sweat stream miniature came down from his forehead and fell off his nose.
If I can, I will dry the sweat on his face.
What will it taste? Orange Crush?
Finally, he took action.
Put the ball down and start dribbling to the basket.
Then he took the palm again, bypassed me and wrapped his back and waist with his right arm.
I felt the size of his hand on me.
My students have expanded.
My blood vessels are broken.
He jumped up and rolled the ball in front of the basket. Game. Over.
I should be angry.
He removed his obstacle and drove the driveway.
But I\'m silent about it.
The warrior goddess has left the field.
I came back to myself.
My heart melts from my ribs, seeps out of my skin, and splashes on the Hot Black top court.
Percy can feel my disappointment. “Sorry, Loose.
Right there.
I can\'t control myself.
\"It seems that the thing I am worried about is failure. “It’s cool.
I smiled with a shrug.
It\'s always cool.
It\'s no big deal.
It\'s just a game.
I jogged to get the basketball. the basketball was already on the field next door.
I stopped to watch the sun for a while.
It\'s not the ball, it\'s the real sun.
Give us the stars of life
It sits at the back of the New Jersey pier and uses it to represent all the colors in the world.
I recently found that today\'s sunset is not like a prehistoric or prehistoric sunset.
The industrial age. It’s a man-made thing.
Because of all the aerosol in the air, it is pollution that gives it color.
My 20-year-old cousin Violet
Five artists told me it was the source of inspiration for screaming.
A huge volcano has erupted in Indonesia, turning sunsets around the world into deep and scorching red.
If you \'ve never seen a red sunset before, it\'s easy to imagine that it\'s the finger at the end of the day.
But we \'ve been seeing red sunsets all the time, especially at this time of year when the air gets stronger.
I looked up at the pre-war building next to the Riverside Park and appreciated the way the light reflected from the stone and glass.
\"Look at the Sunset,\" I said to Percy, who was standing there sweating, who looked yellow-brown and had not washed gold. “It’s . . . perfection.
\"Maybe the only thing I \'ve been missing is some good lighting.
\"Don\'t be a girl.
\"I hit his arm as hard as I could --
Fuck you, bastard \"-
The way I laugh is like a guy laughs.
He made faces and frictions where I nailed him.
But he did not fight back.
We walked from the courtyard to the Riverside Park and east to the street.
Percy put his arm on my shoulder, like I was his private mobile arm, and I looked up at his face.
If I were someone else, how easy it might be to kiss him.
If I can trade my athletic ability for beauty, just a little bit, just to see what it looks like.
He began to tell me about the new book that he had just discovered that French niurists were reading.
My arm was around his waist, and I could feel his lungs expanding and contracting as the rhythm of the sound.
We have experienced such changes before.
He will want me to read it so he can get someone to talk.
I will see it, partly because I am really interested, but mainly because I like to talk to him.
Because as long as he is by my side, it will rain in the world.
Sweet and painful
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