Tara Lynn stars in Nasty Gal\'s first ever curve swimwear campaign

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-23
It looks like 2019 will be the year of Tara Lynn\'s breakthrough.
American model agency IMG is the first ever
In 2012, size signed to be selected as one of the finalists of the Sports Illustrated \"Rookie of the Year\" competition earlier this month-36 years old, she is the oldest of the eight finalists. Now, the mum-of-
Choose two to face Nasty Gal\'s first ever plus-
Size swimwear series released today.
Bikini, swimsuit and beach outfit-
Trend design and color, size 4 to 24.
Hero works include a slump
Front bikini top, high leg bikini pants and one-
The shoulder swimsuit starts at 12.
Since all bikini tops and shorts can be purchased separately, you can mix and match to find your perfect size combination.
\"I\'m very excited to be at the Swimming Conference at Nasty Gal,\" Lynn said . \".
\"This series is about fashion --
Let women be their true selves.
\"It\'s very important to look at yourself and focus on what\'s beautiful and unique about you.
This is reflected in this series.
\"The annoying Gal swimwear collection is now on.
More and more brands are beginning to accept the diversity of body shapes and sizes, offering separate plus size ranges or expanding the current size range, reminding people that larger bodies are as normal and acceptable as smaller ones.
A beloved brand for its inclusive and beautiful underwear and sportswear, it has launched a swimwear collection that is suitable not only for larger sizes, but also for those with a longer figure and a larger chest, many big brands missed the narrower hips and other details when designing their outfits.
They also picked a series of styles from other wells.
Well-known brands like and offer a mix of colors and patterns for a variety of shapes and sizes.
Bra size up to 42 gg depending on the brand. While an oft-
Repeated complaints about plus
Scale brands are more expensive for them, and Boohoo\'s products are not like this.
The price of the swimsuit is only 24 euros, and the price of the bikini is also cheap.
Size up to 24. 4.
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