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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-04
【Group purchase of student volleyball uniforms】Students are a large group in society, and they are also the most carefree group with very rich sports competitions. There are a lot of games, such as basketball games, volleyball games, football games, school sports games, etc. Today, the editor will recommend a group purchase manufacturer of student volleyball uniforms——Ingor ! Group purchase of student volleyball sportswear Volleyball has always been regarded as a leisure sport and is an amateur leisure game. Today, we will not talk about volleyball, but about group purchase of student volleyball clothes, because group purchase has only emerged in recent years. In the past, we I don't think of going to the student volleyball uniform group buying website to buy student volleyball uniforms, but to buy directly in the store, even if the group purchase is offline. In today's era, the Internet has been very developed. Ingor 's online group purchase of student volleyball wear is supported by offline physical sportswear manufacturers, so it has grown rapidly! Different from ordinary group buying websites for student volleyball clothing, Ingor volleyball clothing belongs to the direct-to-consumer business, that is, a B2C group buying model. This group buying model for student volleyball clothing saves the cost of intermediate links, and consumers directly benefit! If your class or school needs to customize a batch or buy a batch of volleyball clothing, please contact us, Ingor will give you a satisfactory student volleyball sportswear manufacturer.
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