stop commenting on serena williams\' nipples and focus on her tennis

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-20
In June 28, Serena defeated Amra sadikovich at Wimbledon and won her 80 wins.
Unfortunately, some people pay more attention to the body of the tennis champion than to her victory.
Williams is wearing a full
With a white Nike dress paired with white sneakers, some viewers seem to be tempted to comment on how hard her nipples are under her outfit.
The following is Williams\'s reaction after scoring against sadikovich. (
All we see is a bad tennis player who wins the game like a queen. )
Many Twitter users, however, call Williams\'s nipples \"distracting\" and continue to shame one of the best athletes in the world.
Before the June 28 match, Williams posted a photo of her costume that said, \"I kind of like my Wimbledon costume.
\"Unfortunately, the comments only get worse when Williams is wearing the same outfit in Thursday\'s semi-final
Last game against Elena Vesnina
Here\'s a picture of Williams winning in Thursday\'s game. 2, 6-0.
Some people said on Twitter that Williams was \"not so good\", but she \"hypnotized [\"sic]
Her opponent has her huge nipples, \"while others wonder why the athlete didn\'t buy a\" decent sports bra \"to cover her\" properly.
Williams fans quickly shut up haters to remind the audience that yes, women have nipples, no, you can\'t comment on them.
What we have to say to the body is
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