Sports clothes customization which good?

by: INGOR     2020-04-09
Sports clothes customization which good? This is sportswear manufacturer, many customers are looking for the most frequently encountered problems, some said sportswear factory workers more than 100 people, others said at least for some sports brand, some said to professional; In fact this problem & other; Anyone guess & throughout; 。 Below small make up, say, everyone is looking for a sports clothes custom manufacturer, actually can be examined from the following two aspects. 1, the plant size fit; This depends on the number of your custom-made uniforms, for example, if you will order a few sets of clothes, and your want to find that hundreds of individual companies to produce, it's like to take the eggs touch stone, due to the big no shortage of supply of goods, so if you are looking for manufacturers, not only the price is not much cheaper, and you also can not arrange timely delivery, the factory will arrange large amount of customers first, as for the small orders of customers, you can row behind the house. If you are looking for a manufacturer of dozens of workers, can a bit faster instead, general small plant will be more importance to their new customer. Therefore, looking for a manufacturer, small make up feel to much, not necessarily factory according to your order quantity to choose the corresponding scale of factory. 2, the professionalism of the factory; If a factory to do anything, if you are talking with the factory, they said they work better, I think you will pay attention to, the general factory can't be good at doing what clothes, from clothes for big classification, or good at knitting, or good at doing woven, such as small make up up to the location of the sports, is good at digital printing class of sportswear, such as cycling jerseys, yoga clothing, sports organizations apparel customization, the processing, if you have any needs can come to us in this respect, can help you design for free.
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