sick of breasts that were too large, she decided to do something about them

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-14
As far as I can remember, my chest has been very big.
Even when I was a kid, I never
I jumped down in a little girl\'s T-shirt called a training brashirt to a C-
When I was 13 or 14.
Not only have I sprouted over the years, but it has completely blossomed until my Cup spills and becomes 42-DDD.
I have always been very self
Be conscious and embarrassed about my breasts, especially after the silly, immature boy jokes from high school.
I had back, shoulder and neck problems from the early days, and later from the bra strap to the skin, a groove appeared on my shoulder.
My mother is not very big. My two sisters are almost angry. flat.
I envy them, envy the way their clothes fit, envy them for never jumping around the whole creative process like I did.
My sister Mona-
She died in a car accident a few years ago when a underage drunk driver hit her-
6 feet tall, model
Very thin, always Tan
In my opinion, this is perfect. cup.
My sister died four years later in an accidental drug overdose and she was a pleasant B-cup.
Only once, when I was in my early 20 s, I walked out of a traffic ticket with my full mind.
Late at night, I was speeding in the town of South Georgia near the Florida line.
When the blue light in the rearview mirror flashes, I park the car in the middle --
The old sheriff went to the car.
I gave him a brilliant smile, rolled down the window and quickly showed him the cleavage.
I didn\'t get a ticket, just a nasty smile and a warning to slow down.
When I was driving away, I felt terrible and even a little vulgar.
I never resort to this kind of prank again, at 30-
In the years since then, I have never even worn a shirt or skirt that has exposed even the smallest signs of cleavage.
Once I hit double
D, when I was in my 20 s, even though I didn\'t exercise, I started sleeping in a sports bra every night. Running —
Or any sport.
It\'s impossible: it\'s embarrassing and painful even with a good sports bra.
I found both men and women staring at my chest and smirking like, \"I\'ll look at that shelf! ” or “Woo-
Girl, where did you buy Tang?
I have always been very self
Realizing my \"shelf\" was awkward to buy that big bra.
I love beautiful underwear and lovely lace bras, but there is no such thing in the world of big boobs.
When I went to the last fitting I found out
D. The bra was too small for me and I decided it was time to take action: reduce the breasts.
Since I have grown from D to DD and then to DDD, I want to reduce my breasts and become a more respectful B or even.
To start the process, I contacted my health insurance company last year and asked my gynecologist to recommend me an expert.
The first date with plastic surgeon Sonya Merriman went well, although I was embarrassed that someone had raised my breasts to call them.
Due to their heavy weight, Merriman declared me an excellent candidate for surgery, but she couldn\'t give me what I wanted and these breasts were small enough to accommodate an-cup.
I just want to see my toes again.
\"I can make you a big B or a small C,\" she explained . \" She noticed that I was 5 feet tall, 9 inch tall and big frame.
\"You really don\'t want to be any smaller. ”I was then —as now —
I was 40 to 50 pounds overweight and I can see her point of view.
However, no matter how big the rest of me --
I\'m thin and thin, like a cousin called me.
My breasts are always very big.
When I asked her how long I was going to be in the hospital, I was surprised to find such a major cause --
Under anesthesia and deep cutting
Outpatient surgery. Hmmm.
It seems that one morning I can go with drooping door rings that are often compared to the cow\'s door rings and go out on the same afternoon, the breasts are as lively as I was when I was a child. I liked that.
Merriman did breast expansion and reduction, so I asked her which group was happier, and the new producer was the new producer --nots.
\"Breast reduction is crossthe-
\"The board is very happy,\" she said.
\"They look better and feel better and are one of the happiest patients for plastic surgeons.
\"Over the last 30 years, I have experienced numerous breast X-rays and subsequent biopsies due to suspicious lumps in my breasts, but, thank God, I have never been diagnosed with cancer.
I also spoke to Merriman so much and asked her if she would reduce her chances of getting cancer by doing so.
\"Several studies have shown that breast cancer is at a lower risk after breast cancer is reduced, but it is generally not recommended as a way to reduce the risk of breast cancer,\" she said . \".
Then she added, \"it does make yourself
Because there are fewer breast tissues examined, it is easier to check and have a mammogram.
She said her youngest breasts
The reduction of the patient is 15 years old, she is in her 70 s, and between her 30 s and her 40 s are typical patients.
This age group is mainly composed of mothers who lose their flexibility because of having children or simply because medical or aesthetic conditions deteriorate with age.
When I was 55 years old, I fell into a group that had enough Huge Bras, constant pain in the shoulders and neck, and deep grooves on the shoulders.
My insurance company is willing to pay for the surgery due to medical problems. (
If the breast is reduced only for cosmetic reasons, insurance companies usually do not pay. )
I set the date of the operation and looked forward happily to the change.
My husband Roy was 100% behind my decision.
However, maybe three or four nights before the operation, I shot straight out of my sleep in panic.
Is my decision right? Would it hurt?
What if something went wrong and I had to lose my breasts completely?
I turned on the light and looked down at my only chest.
I\'m doing surgery anyway.
I just don\'t want to do this anymore.
I was not afraid that morning, just anxious.
In the hospital, a nurse gave me what she said was \"a double dose of crazy medicine,\" and in a moment anxiety was replaced by ease and pleasure.
As I was pushed into the operating room, I lifted the top of my gown and bowed my head and said loudly to my chest, \"Goodbye, girls.
We \'ve had some great adventures, but it\'s time for you to leave.
I woke up a few hours later and was quickly pushed back to the room.
The first thing I saw was a beautiful, wonderful sight, despite the cuts, bruises and many stitches: I had small breasts for the first time in my teens.
I made the right decision. Immediately —
I mean, right now.
I feel younger and more beautiful, and even though my breasts are swollen and bruised, the whole breast on the left is almost exactly the same color as the eggplant.
Of course there are scars.
But I don\'t have much pain, only uncomfortable.
In the first few days my breasts were pressed
Type binding, too tight, I look almost flatchested;
After that, they were wrapped in gauze.
My breasts are hard, but Merriman assured me that they will soften over time.
After two weeks, most of the stitches are removed, although some of the internal stitches dissolve themselves over time.
It\'s been five months since the operation and all the swelling and bandages are gone.
When I tried my bra on for the first time, the fitter announced that my size was a good C-cup.
I picked a real female bra, all purple and black, and trimmed it in lots of lace.
I almost cried with joy.
As the scars continued to subside and the feeling began to return to normal, I was inspired to start losing weight and adjusting the figure to the ratio of the breast.
Most importantly, I am more satisfied with myself, especially with others.
In public, no one is staring at my chest anymore.
The operation itself is almost worth it.
Anderson is a travel and nature writer living in harthhurst, Georgia.
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