should you invest in a brainy bra? some have air con built-in, others can count calories, aid sleep — and even carry your cash

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
A long time ago, the bra was made just to keep your breasts in place.
But these days, they do more.
The latest high
Technology design is designed to solve all kinds of difficulties-
From where to put the key when you go out at night, to monitoring your heart rate during exercise.
Chantelle Crabb, an underwear expert known as a \"bra talker\" for working with underwear brands, said: \"The underwear world is changing rapidly.
Everything needs to be bigger and better than before.
So now, the bra can\'t just be a bra, it needs to be high
In addition to lifting the chest, tech fabrics or doing other work.
So, the new superbras shape up?
We let shangtel look at the most technical underwear. . .
Secret pocket to hide your £ 30 worth wallet.
Sometimes, when most women want to go without a handbag, they cram cash or keys into their bras.
Now, this patent design from the United StatesS.
It was created with this idea in mind.
The bra has two 10 cm pockets sewn in each side panel to store your valuables.
Chantelle\'s conclusion: It sounds genius, because many of us have done so anyway --
Not so elegant though.
The pockets here are basically two slings under each arm.
They don\'t fit the iPhone.
But it may be the same, because the jury has not yet decided whether radiation is so close to breast tissue safety.
However, there is room to store banknotes or credit cards without destroying the shape of the bra.
You may need to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too tight
If you have the key, it will fit.
Still, it is cheaper than the clutch bag.
Bra that can help you sleep better, £ 30, bravissimo.
If you are like most women, you dream that at the end of a long day, you can walk through your door and take off your uncomfortable bra.
Now, however, so
Called sleep bra
Made of soft fabric with no soft cord or tight elasticity-
Popular all night with some bigger boobs
Women say they fall asleep more easily.
Chantelle concluded that women with larger breasts may struggle with \"side\" problems while sleeping.
This means that their breasts can move in different directions when they lie on their backs, or when they turn around and lie on the side, the breasts flip down, which makes them feel like they\'re stretching the skin
This bra is very soft, the structure is just enough to hold a larger breast, and it is comfortable at the same time.
So it can really help you sleep better.
You can wear every dayCeramicool seamless sports bra, £ 35, odlo.
This bra is made of ceramic with the latest fabric technology, the same material as made in China or tile.
According to the manufacturer, \"This is the same principle as your dog laying on the tile floor to cool down. . .
The ceramic is naturally cool, and the heat dissipation speed is very fast.
This fiber is very effective in taking heat away from the skin, allegedly allowing the body to cool up to 1c.
Chantelle concluded: it will feel cool as long as you wear this bra --
At first it almost made it look wet.
However, when we tried it on the tester, it did warm and she noticed that when she started working out it seemed to cool the skin of her chest a little bit.
It is comfortable enough every day, so it can be convenient to help keep the hot tide if you are worried that it will spread to you.
Magic memory foam perfect shape T
Shirt bra 52 years old.
Nine of our ten are slightly different. sized breasts.
To solve this problem, this bra uses a thin memory foam cup to mold to the body under heating and pressure
Therefore, even if the cups are of different sizes, they will surround each chest to provide a comfortable fit.
Chantelle\'s conclusion: Before you buy a bra, there is a detailed online questionnaire to fill out, which asks how your cup and strap usually match to the shape of your breast.
To get a more accurate match, the company even offered half
The size in the Cup.
The idea is that you choose the size for the larger breasts, so the smaller ones are covered with memory foam.
Seeing how well the memory foam works in other products, as long as the difference between the breast sizes is not too large, this is a good solution.
This style has pleats, not
The slip strap can also stop it from falling off your shoulder
This is another annoyance for many women.
While this is not the first bra to feature memory foam, combined with its superior materials and straps, it does solve some of the common troubles.
It also provides a very smooth finish under clothes. But —
Maybe because of these designs. it’s not cheap.
Zap back fat, providing a smooth outline for the 60-year-old shapitz.
Coma, a few rolls of spilled back fat from the bra straps can ruin your T-shirt.
But the bra promises to eliminate the problem by working like a back plastic body.
A large and flat elastic fabric panel replaces the straps, smoothing out the excess meat on the back and under the armpits to make \"360 degrees lose weight and smooth \".
Chantelle\'s conclusion: most of the bumps and bumps in your back are often due to the fact that your bra is dug in and the meat is turned over to the top.
By getting rid of these, this bra does have a smoother effect under the clothes.
But since there is no fastener, it has to be worn on your head, which can be a struggle, especially since there are wires in front.
However, it will be very comfortable if it is a bit expensive.
Heart rate and count caloriesWeartech card nine smart sports bra (
Plus Bluetooth heart rate monitor)
AmazonWe, 62, has seen a heart rate monitor that measures the pulse of the wrist with a watch or bracelet.
So, in order to get a more accurate reading, it makes sense to design the position of a sensor in the bra, which, of course, is closer to your heart.
There is an area on the front of this bra that you can easily clip onto the included heart rate monitor.
It connects to the personal training app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, telling you your heart rate and how many calories you burn.
Chantelle\'s conclusion: It seems that this sports bra is only small, medium and large.
Easy connection of display-
You can\'t feel it when you exercise, and it\'s a strong signal.
However, what you get technically, you lose on the fabric, in my opinion, the fabric is too elastic to fully support you in strict exercise.
So while you may be closer to achieving your fitness goals, your chest may not be able to thank you for a longer period of time --term.
The \"invisible\" lift allows you to push the bra up with an adjustable strap for £ 9. 99, amazon. co.
UkIf you want to wear a backless, shoulder-less or plunging outfit, this invisible bra is on track to be your best --kept secret.
It consists of two sticks.
On the silicon film, it is about the size, shape and color of the chicken slices, and because each piece has a sticky side, the chicken slices are peeled up and down.
They are connected together in the middle with a transparent buckle, and you can also connect them to see --
Cross the shoulder strap if needed.
Chantelle\'s conclusion: the weight of each rounded corner attached to the underside of the chest means that this bra tends to press down rather than support them.
They are also sticky on one side and once you put them on, it can be a hassle to put them on again
Arrange them in different locations.
In my opinion, the best way for this bra to be useful is to unwrap the fillets and place them in the existing bra to help you increase the size of your cup.
The clever fabric makes you smell more refreshing.
Lite Bra for £ 55 UK. icebreaker.
ComThis fashion bra is made of Tencel, a cooling eucalyptus fiber produced by dissolving pulp.
Then, the fibers in the fabric are made by forcing this method through small holes.
According to the bra maker, it is 50 cents higher than cotton absorption capacity.
And, because this fabric also breathe better, it promises to stop the growth of bacteria that will allow you to smell sweat and sweaty back after exercise.
I can see that this is a beautifully designed bra.
But even with the saying, I don\'t think anyone would be willing to rely on it and risk going to the gym without deodorant!
This material, however, will certainly help to stop any spots of sweat, as it will soon suck up moisture.
Looks great too.
Keep cool with your own air conAnita Active Air Control Delta Pad sports bra, £ 56, British underwear.
The ComThis light bra is designed to keep you cool while working out.
The main support of the breast is two triangular cups-
There\'s a hole in each bottom.
Allow airflow from below.
The Cup is also covered with a mesh fabric that allows the air to flow out from the side to give your own personal air conditioning system. Wide, below.
The breast belt is also made of a breathable fabric with air holes to increase the cyclone effect while the cup is lined with materials to absorb sweat and moisture.
Chantelle\'s conclusion: because sports bras usually compress breasts to prevent them from moving around, they sweat underneath in strict motion.
During a hard workout on the weight lifting machine, our tester noticed that her chest was not so sweaty, although she would love more structural support on the treadmill.
Thanks to the mesh details, this bra also looks great in bright pink, very sexy.
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