Set sail for dreams and innovate the future - the annual meeting of Ingor Sportswear company is grandly held! -Ingor Sp

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
Time flies, time flies, the busy 2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, and 2020, full of expectations, is coming to us. In the past year, we have had a lot of memories and growth, frowning when we are frustrated, proud when we sweat, and smiling when we are successful. A new year brings new goals and hopes. This year needs a year-end feast to toast the harvest and cheer for the future. This annual meeting will be“Set sail for dreams, innovate the future”As the theme, it was grandly held at Mingyue Sanxi Holiday Villa in Conghua on January 5-6, 2020. All of our Ingor Sportswear people and partners gathered here to spend this relaxed, happy and full of surprises event! The friends of Conghua Mingyue Sanxi Holiday Villa came to the hotel early to set up the venue. With everyone's concerted efforts and careful arrangements, the venue welcomed the guests with a brand-new look, and every corner was filled with the strong smell of the annual meeting. The hotel venue layout and check-in time The guests arrived at the venue to sign in one after another, and the signature wall left a piece of everyone's flamboyant dance. Guests signed in and took a group photo to commemorate the annual meeting. At the beginning of the annual meeting, the two hosts wore clothing styles specially created by Ingor Sportswear. As soon as they debuted, they stunned the audience and became the most beautiful cubs in the whole group. With the announcement of the host, the long-awaited annual meeting officially kicked off. The host appeared on the stage of Ingor Sportswear's chorus of songs. First of all, there was a chorus of Ingor Sportswear's songs. All Ingor Sportswear people stood up and held hands. The loud and passionate singing reverberated at the scene instantly. Ingor Sportswear People's Song Chorus Founder Speech Mr. Luo Kui, founder of Ingor Sportswear brand, took the stage to give a speech, summed up the achievements of Ingor Sportswear brand in breaking through layers of obstacles in 2019, and looked forward to standing in 2020 and the next 5 years, Ingor Sportswear brand We will not forget our original intention, forge ahead, seize the day and live up to our time, and with the joint efforts of everyone, the company's performance will be improved to a higher level! Mr. Luo Kui, the founder of Ingor Sportswear brand, gave a speech at the start of the dinner. The company prepared a sumptuous dinner for everyone. Let us raise our wine glasses and wish Ingor Sportswear a more brilliant tomorrow! Enjoy a sumptuous dinner with the Excellent Supplier Award. This is an excellent supplier that Ingor Sportswear has cooperated with for many years. The long-term cooperation has been highly recognized by the Ingor Sportswear brand. It is precisely because of their excellence that they have laid a good foundation for the vigorous development of Ingor Sportswear. Excellent Supplier Award Excellent Employee Award The hard work has finally paid off. Tonight“Excellent staff”This award belongs to you, and I hope you will make persistent efforts and achieve better results. The Lucky Draw for the Excellent Employee Award is the most anticipated part of the event. The red envelopes and gifts are amazing. In order to give back to the hard work of the Ingor Sportswear family this year, and to give the family a happy and unforgettable new year in 2020, the company has prepared a wealth of annual conference prizes and red envelopes for everyone. The prizes include: Huawei mobile phones, Huawei smart speakers, Huawei smart watches, etc., and even more special, the exclusive tea set customized by Ingor Sportswear. Seeing everyone's full harvest, Ingor Sportswear can rest assured. Looking back on the past, the development of Ingor Sportswear is inseparable from the support and trust of all Ingor Sportswear and partners. Looking forward to the future, we firmly believe that with the efforts of all Ingor Sportswear and partners, the performance will be prosperous and brilliant! Let us shout this slogan again: set sail for dreams and innovate the future!
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