seeking support: bra company sues, claiming patent breach

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-25
-A bra manufacturer in North Carolina says it needs some support to sue a female intimate clothing company for violating its sports bra patents. The Winston-
The Salem Daily reported (
At the heart of the lawsuit is a patent obtained by Hanesbrands.
Hanesbrands claims to be in federal court, Jacques Morey Inc.
Sales of bras under jockey\'s international license, unlicensed, are producing and selling bras under Hanesbrands patent and product style.
Hanesbrands also accused Jacques Moret of inducing infringement by guiding women on how to properly wear bras.
The company wants compensation and a ban on future infringement.
Jacques Morey officials could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Information from: Winston
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