Seamless underwear manufacturers wholesale bottoming shirts women's long-sleeved new lace body sculpting bottoming shirts

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-13
Seamless underwear manufacturers wholesale bottoming shirts women's long-sleeved new lace body sculpting bottoming shirts

The bottoming shirt is also a kind of underwear, it can be matched with a bra or a jacket, and its function is similar to that of Womens sports leggings. In terms of function, bottoming shirts can be divided into body-shaping bottoming shirts and ordinary bottoming shirts. The difference between the two is that the body sculpting bottoming shirt has the functions of body sculpting and matching, while the ordinary bottoming shirt only has the function of matching the jacket, without the effect of shaping. If you subdivide the bottoming shirts, they can be divided into body-shaping bottoming shirts, thermal bottoming shirts, and matching bottoming shirts.

Generally speaking, there is only one size for body sculpting bottoming shirts, which is basically one size, while ordinary bottoming shirts are generally divided into 3 sizes of SML. Compared with bras, bottoming shirts have the following characteristics or advantages: stronger warmth, more casual matching, both comfort, breathability and no restraint. It should be noted that if you wear a body-shaping bottoming shirt that is too tight for a long time, it will lead to blood circulation, and a bottoming shirt that is too wide will not have the proper shaping effect. Therefore, it is very important to choose the size of the bottoming shirt that suits your body shape. Fan Xueer series bottoming shirt adopts physical test and pressure test, which fully conforms to the relevant standards of ergonomics. It has a moderate degree of tightness. It doesn't matter if there is fat, it can easily cover it for you, and it shows the charm of women. You will not feel restrained when you wear it. .

Vancher Lace Body Shaping Bottoming Shirt is exquisitely cut with lace V-neck design. The cuffs are shaped to fit comfortably and not deformed. The fine sewing lines are neatly sewn, and the fabric is soft and more comfortable to wear. Choosing the right bottoming shirt can enhance the overall collocation taste and personalized dressing style. Choose the bottoming shirt from the Van Cher collection to be the perfect woman for both inside and outside.

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