[Seamless underwear factory] Walmart customers find ingor knitting again

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
When it comes to seamless underwear processing, we have to mention Guangzhou! Guangzhou underwear factory is well-known in China for seamless underwear processing! Although, in people's impressions, Guangzhou is a concentrated place for the production of low-end, low-cost and low-quality small commodities, but seamless underwear is a special case! No, today I received a customer who was looking for a seamless underwear manufacturer for Wal-Mart and found us ingorsports!

In the afternoon, a phone call came, and the other party said excitedly, 'Are you a seamless underwear factory? Have you ever cooperated with Walmart?' 'Yes, we used to do OEM for Walmart, and the factory also Certified by Walmart!' 'That's great, we're looking for a seamless underwear manufacturer like this, where is your factory...'

The customer was very excited, he told me that he had just received a batch of orders from Walmart, and was looking for a suitable seamless underwear factory to process, and found us ingorsports through the Internet, and saw that ingorsports had cooperated with Walmart , He was looking for such a manufacturer, and then he asked for our mailbox, sent some information, let us fill it out, and attached some certificate descriptions. He happened to be in Guangzhou these days, and asked me to send him the address. After he read the information, he was going to visit our seamless underwear factory for a small talk.

The client also told him that he had cooperated with some underwear factories in Guangzhou Fotang before, but this time it was a big order from Walmart, so he was looking for a more suitable seamless underwear manufacturer. Coincidentally, I said that our factory is here in Niansanli, Guangzhou, and he mentioned that the ** underwear factory is just opposite us!

Then I will fill in the relevant information, and give some brief introductions of our ingorsports seamless underwear factory, the scale and strength of the factory, as well as the ID of our cooperation with Wal-Mart: 36153325. You can directly check the certificate that we have passed the Wal-Mart factory inspection on the Internet.

The customer expressed his satisfaction. He said that if he communicated well with the customer, he would come to our ingorsports seamless underwear factory for a field visit and negotiation in one or two days......

Thank you so much for your recognition of our ingorsports seamless underwear. At the same time, I am also very grateful to Mr. Wang of ingorsports, for his unique vision and his control of the future development of underwear. For 17 years, we have insisted on focusing on the customized processing of seamless underwear, insisting on serving customers with high quality and strict requirements. Because of this, we have cooperated with the internationally renowned brand Wal-Mart by virtue of our own strength. BSCI factory audit, German Rheinland certification, ISO9001 certification!

Because of fate, because of the real strength of seamless underwear factory ingorsports, Walmart OEM customers once again found us ingorsports, and we also look forward to customers coming to the factory for a smooth interview!

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