Riding profile: Grande Prairie-Wapiti

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-21
Population: 48,481 eligible voters: 29,692 Terry Duke, independent voter: 59 Occupation: facility coordinator \"I firmly believe that your MLA must be a 100 representative of you.
My voice must be yours.
It doesn\'t matter what I think. what matters is what you think.
We owe debt once.
Free in this province, look at us now.
I want to be a change that we can try to be debt --
Get free again and stand up as proud as we are.
\"Priorities: Hospitals in the region, including the restoration of facilities in the Grande Prairie and a new hospital in bivolochi;
Every dollar we spend on our children is an investment in our future;
Pipeline construction.
Shannon Dunfield, NDPAge: 46 Occupation: The reason why Aboriginal people participate and consult running: \"As an Aboriginal, I run because Rachel nortley has a strong Alberta
Rachel nortley\'s government has raised the minimum wage to diversify our economy and bring value --
Added jobs to our oil and gas industry.
Jason Kenny\'s plan has cost Alberta $4.
5 billion corporate tax-
And endanger our education and health care through privatization.
\"Priorities: focus on quality public education that provides the best education for students.
Continue to diversify the economy and increase value
Add items for our resources.
Increase affordability by limiting child care costs to $25 per day, building affordable housing for older people and paying for medicines.
Website: Dunfield Hillalbertandp.
Alberta\'s caJason Jones: Career 40: Business analysis reasons for running: \"Alberta provides us with an excellent opportunity for regional governance that no other party can offer, with the increase in local participation and the use of free voting to negotiate the freedom of the government.
The Alberta Party gives us the opportunity to take advantage of our citizens.
As an active stakeholder in the government process, lead associations and consortia.
The Alberta Party is the best choice, it is the future of governance.
\"Priorities: the signing of fair, sustainable and predictable municipal financing agreements within nine months;
Advocating for the creation/expansion of demand --
Post-based grants
Middle school students;
Establish an effective network of community and industry associations, and strive to ensure a balanced representation of riding.
Website: @ jasonesaptravis Toews, UCPAge: 54 Occupation: Owner of a ranch operation and oilfield environment company, betrayed by chartered professional accountant for operation: \"I am a member of the United Conservative team, because I am very concerned about the direction of the province.
I am working to ensure that Alberta is restored to a province of freedom, opportunity and prosperity.
\"Priorities: return Alberta to work by implementing policies that encourage economic growth and create jobs;
Promote economic development and ensure first-line services;
Stand up for Alberta within the Canadian federation and defend our economy without apology.
Website: travistoewsucp. ca
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