Riding profile: Edmonton-City Centre

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-24
Ride: Edmonton-
City center population: 47,715 eligible voters: 32, 370 candidate chris Alders, Green Party Age: 54 occupations: chris Alders, a former broadcaster, journalist, publisher and researcher, is seeking to become MLA in Edmonton
The city center, because he believes that our community will have a better, greener and more socially just Road in the future.
He is running for office because he also believes that people must move forward to address the climate crisis and social and economic inequalities.
His background is varied.
Priority: if we want climate change
In an emergency, we must elect Green Party members to the legislature.
I will strive to achieve universal basic income in order to eradicate poverty and provide dignity to our people.
Economically, I will focus on retraining oil sands workers and others to get new opportunities in geothermal, solar and wind power. Website: www. chrisalders.
Calek Dickson, Alberta free Union: 25 occupations: Student reasons for running: \"Our government is wasting our money on empty careers and wrong taxes, the rest of the country
Why would they care if no one fought back the bully would never stop.
I fought for the rational Alberta of the past, for the opportunity of Alberta, for my home and for the humble hard workers in it.
Because if I know one thing, it is: you can go to Alberta.
Priorities: separation of Alberta from Canada;
Investment in oil sands and workers in oil sands;
Appropriate representation of Alberta across the country.
Lily Le of the United Conservative Party: Career 40: financial advisor reason for the campaign: \"I am a member of the United Conservative Party because I want to make sure that every Alberta has the same opportunity, as I have just come to Alberta to save time, hope and freedom;
Leave a sustainable province for future generations.
Priorities: return Alberta to work by pursuing policies that promote growth and employment.
Make life better for all Albertans by promoting our economy and protecting the front lineline services.
Apologetically defend our economy and stand up for Alberta within the federation.
Website: Morton of Alberta Independence: 28 Occupation: Reason for construction workers/union members running: \"I am a member of Alberta and I have seen the worst in Alberta politics
I would like to see all Albertans succeed in the growing Alberta economy, whatever they choose.
Unfortunately, I haven\'t seen it yet.
That\'s why I want someone to hear me, because I\'m like everyone else --
Want a Better Alberta job for families and communities.
\"Priorities: my main goal is to listen to my constituents and do my best to represent them.
Promote business growth by imposing a combined 8-cent corporate tax to stimulate the economy in Alberta.
Abide by the commitments made by me and my party under the authority of the party and fulfill my vows of rights and freedoms.
Website: aberdennes. caRobert (Bob)
Philp party age: 72 occupation in Alberta: Retired lawyer/running judgeReason: \"The province becomes polarized between the extreme left of the NDP due to their lack of viable plans to balance the budget, as well as the UCP, which is very worrying about social views.
The Alberta Party is a financially responsible social Progress Party.
We do not believe in ideology.
We believe that we should look at all the information available and make the best decision based on the evidence.
\"Priorities: diversify our economy by investing in areas such as software development, artificial intelligence and health sciences.
Human rights: advocating equal opportunities and fair treatment for new Canadians, indigenous peoples, LGBT and women.
Health care and education: reduce waiting time, improve care for the elderly, reduce class size, and equip more assistants in the classroom. Website: www. bobphilp.
ComDavid Shepherd: 45 occupation in Alberta: The reason why musicians, studio engineers, communications professionals run: \"We need to invest in Albertans rather than cut expenses because of oil prices.
I want to continue to work to support the economic and cultural dynamism of our diverse communities.
I want to make sure citizens have access to the government, empower them and support them.
Politicians should be upright, and I want to rebuild people\'s trust in their representation and the system that affects their lives.
\"Priorities: work to address homelessness in our core community by building supportive housing in the districts of Edmonton.
Support the growth and diversity of the constituency economy, especially in terms of technology/innovation and agricultural food/food production.
Add security and support to different groups in our constituency: newcomers, LGBTQ2, seniors, low
Income of persons with disabilities.
Website: David Shepherd. albertandp. ca-
Compiled by Janet French.
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