Return the customer to show the action? Unreliable

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-01-15
Southeast Network US channel, according to the 'overseas Chinese news' compiled Angie reported that in the United States, it is not too difficult to buy clothes and not satisfied with returning, but sometimes there is a good reason. A few days ago, a woman suspected that she was in the well-known yoga clothing brand 'Lulu Lemon '(Lululemon) The black yoga pants bought at a high price are too thin and too transparent. When returning the goods, the clerk actually asked her to bend over to make a yoga posture 'puppy style' to see if it is really transparent. However, Lulu Lemon officials denied that they had such a request and had removed the trousers from the shelves. According to The Associated Press, the lady's name is Phillips ( Christina Phillips) From Canada, she said that when she asked for a return, the clerk asked her to bend down, then carefully looked at her ass in the dim light of the locker room and said, 'This is not very thorough '. The New York Post first reported the incident and was immediately widely reprinted by various media. On Wednesday, Lulu Lemon spokeswoman Martin (Sari Martin) Indicates that they never ask customers to demonstrate any yoga posture or other movements to prove the transparency of the yoga pants they buy. Martin declined to comment on this report by the New York Post, saying only that this is not the standard practice for Lulu Lemon employees. The black yoga pants 'Luon' went on sale in March 1 this year and are priced between US $72 and US $98. They are made of nylon and Lycra fiber blend, previously, the trousers accounted for 17% of the sales of women's trousers in Lulu Lemon store. Now Lulu Lemon recalled this yoga pants because their materials are really too thin. Martin said that regardless of whether the customer bought the pants in the store or online, they can return and get a full refund, and no one will ask them any questions. This incident obviously smeared a little black on the company's glittering face. Lulu Lemon has always been a superstar in the sports and apparel industry. Currently, there are 211 physical stores, 135 of which are in the United States, 51 in Canada. The company's yoga clothing and other sportswear are popular for both men and women. The company, which was established in 1998, is currently worth 1. 4 billion US dollars. The huge fan base is also one of its capital. However, this incident is not the first time Lulu Lemon has a quality problem. Its swimwear and light-colored trousers have also had problems with too thin materials. RBC Capital Market Analysis expert Tubin (Howard Tubin) He said that the incident was the 'growing worry' of the rapidly expanding enterprise and affirmed Lulu Lemon's response to the incident, 'they immediately let the product go off the shelf, and working with the manufacturer to try to find out why, this should be the best measure it can take. '
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