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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-11
Lani Chatterjee is one of the famous actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry and is also known as a fitness freak.
The actress often shares her inspiring videos and pictures on social media.
Now Rani once again grabbed the headline of her latest gym mirror selfie with her amazing sportswear.
In the photo, the actress wore a pink sports bra with a black photo of her orange shoes.
She is putting a side pose on her perfect body.
Sharing the photos, she wrote, \'there is no tomorrow for Gymnatics enthusiast koun Bora mujhse PayFair. . .
This is fark hai. . \'.
Gymnastics enthusiast koun Birla mujhse PayFair watching this post has no tomorrow.
This is fark hai. . ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Post officially shared by Rani Chatterjee (
@ Ranichattereofficial)
At 4: 19 a. m. on April 14, 2019, PDT Rani has a large number of fans nationwide and a large number of fans on social media.
In 2004, she started her Bhojpuri with the movie sasura Bada paisawala.
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