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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-01
Outdoor sports camouflage clothing, choose Ingor , a professional sportswear manufacturer group buying company, professional production equipment and exquisite production technology, creating high-quality outdoor sports camouflage clothing, is the team's preferred sportswear suit brand. , as the name suggests, is the clothing worn during exercise. It is different from ordinary clothing. Because it is sports, it is larger in style than ordinary clothing. In terms of fabrics, more moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics are used. Ingor 's sportswear suits are made of new clothing fabrics, which are healthy and comfortable to wear, close to the body, non-irritating, non-allergic, and are the preferred sportswear styles for team training, corporate workwear, etc. Ingor Outdoor Sports Camouflage Clothing Outdoor sports camouflage clothing is customized, and it is suitable for sports. This is the biggest difference between outdoor sportswear and ordinary clothing. A good sportswear suit must meet the following characteristics: First, the style must be loose One point, it should not be tight, and it should not have a sense of restraint on the human body, especially the arms and cuffs are the most easily overlooked. If the workmanship is not a good sportswear suit, these places will definitely be pulled and pulled, and it will be very uncomfortable when exercising. uncomfortable. Second, the fabric must be made of high-quality moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking fabrics. Poor-quality outdoor sports camouflage clothing will become heavy after absorbing sweat, stick to the skin, and the wearing experience will become very poor. Third, the style of sportswear suits should be concise and atmospheric, because we are going to exercise, not wearing ordinary shopping.
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