my nipples hurt when running

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-25
If you have a nipple injury while running, you may have a disease called the jogger nipple, which is caused by friction.
Jogger nipples can be prevented by wearing clothes made of soft materials or by setting a barrier between nipples and clothes to reduce friction.
You can reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the jogger nipple by applying ice or ointment.
The nipple of CausesJogger is a common injury suffered by runners, especially long-
Long-distance runners
The nipple tissue is very sensitive and easily stimulated by friction.
Among women, joggers nipples may also be caused by the constant movement of their breasts during jogging.
The nipples of the jogger can lead to dryness, pain, and even rupture and bleeding of the nipples in extreme cases.
People with particularly sensitive skin are more likely to infect the disease than others.
Wearing clothes you wear the right clothes when running can prevent the nipples of the jogger.
For men, the solution may be as simple as taking off a shirt while jogging.
According to BBC Health, if you wear a shirt while running, the best material to reduce nipple friction is silk and Leka. A loose-
Fitted shirts are also superior to tight shirts in preventing jogger nipples.
For women, wear the right clothes
Sports bras that reduce breast movement help to prevent the nipples of joggers.
In addition to wearing the right clothes, setting a barrier to the nipple before running may help to relieve the pain of the nipple.
Try putting surgical tape or tape on the nipple.
Applying lubricants such as Vaseline or zinc-containing creams before running can also reduce the impact of friction.
Some sporting goods companies sell nipple guards made of foam or rubber to prevent the nipples of joggers.
The treatment of the jogger nipple depends on the severity of your injury.
In some cases, the use of an ice bag with pressure or a soothing ointment like diaper rash cream may relieve the irritated skin.
It\'s also important to take a few days off from running so your nipples have time to heal.
If your jogger\'s nipple is so severe that the skin is bleeding, wash it gently and apply antibiotic ointment and bandage.
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