mollie tibbetts search: iowa man says \'maybe i was the last person to see her\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-04
A man in Iowa said police searched his home after he called to report that he might be the last to see the missing college student, Molly tibates.
Devin Riley told ABC News on Thursday that on the evening of July 18, he saw the University of Iowa sophomore running from home.
\"I may have seen her three or four times a week,\" he said . \".
\"She would jog up the hill along the street.
I didn\'t think of this until I heard someone missing, and I haven\'t really seen that runner since.
Riley continues to describe Tibbetts as \"wearing black card yoga pants like a neon pink sports bra, wearing the armband of her music device, after reportedly seeing her picture on Facebook, she reached out to the police.
Then the authorities came to his house and asked him to walk over.
\"It was terrible at first because I didn\'t know what was going on,\" he told ABC News . \".
\"I panicked and put my daughter in the bathroom, but they were really polite. . .
Just walked by and went out in about 10 to 15 minutes.
\"Riley said he had no idea what happened after Tibbetts passed through the area.
\"I wish I knew more, but I was worried that I might be the last person to see her,\" he added . \".
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