Just entered the underwear business, looking for the right source underwear manufacturer. Fortunately, it is ingor knitting - Shanghai customers say so

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-28
Last night, I received a message from Ms. Su, a customer in Shanghai, saying: Last time, the two batches of goods ordered by our ingorsports underwear manufacturer were sold in their store. The market response was not bad, and they are ready to return the order. At the same time, they also told me that they also found a few other underwear manufacturers to make some other underwear, but they thought it was not bad when they talked about cooperation. In fact, those are just trading companies, and the small underwear manufacturers they found to help them produce. When they went to inspect the goods, they Lots of problems found. She also sighed: 'It is very important to find underwear manufacturers or find the right ones. Fortunately, I found you ingorsports!'

Ms. Su is responsible for the supply and purchase of a large supermarket chain in Shanghai. In the second half of last year, due to the company's development, it needed to purchase some clothing products such as women's underwear. At that time, their company found several underwear manufacturers in Guangzhou in several batches. This also includes our ingorsports.

Ms. Su selected several underwear manufacturers in Guangzhou through the Internet, and through online communication, she learned in detail about the women's underwear we produced, such as material, performance, why it is called seamless underwear, etc. At the same time, she also repeatedly confirmed us Whether it is the source underwear manufacturer, let us pass the business license and factory-related information to her. Two days later, she called and said that their company had assessed that ingorsports was one of the underwear manufacturers they would cooperate with, and they decided to send someone to visit the underwear manufacturer. Manufacturers negotiate.

On Tuesday, the client and his party came to the underwear manufacturer and learned about our underwear manufacturer on the spot. Indeed, as we communicated online before, the client selected about 10 different styles of women's underwear, mostly black and gray. Mainly, it is said to be consistent with the style of their chain stores, let us send it to their headquarters, and then the company executives will confirm. At the end of the drunk, they chose two of these 10 styles. These two styles are also newly launched by our underwear manufacturer in 2017. They are gray and white stripes, simple and fashionable, and 600 pieces of each are firstly placed in their store. .

This time, the customer came to the information that the two ladies underwear we produced were selling very well, and the high-level executives are considering returning the order. At the same time, she mentioned that the quality of the women's underwear produced by the other companies they cooperated with is not very good.

It turned out that several of their colleagues were also responsible for purchasing women's underwear, but at that time, some of her colleagues chose to go directly to the trade city stall. At that time, the receptionist at the stall also promised that he was an underwear manufacturer and also took them to visit However, there is actually no factory, just a trading company. When they received their orders, they asked for some small underwear manufacturers to produce them. Later, when they went to inspect the goods, they found a lot of problems.

Indeed, when I first entered the underwear business, it was really important to find the right source underwear manufacturer! The strength of ingorsports is the source of underwear manufacturers, which truly makes customers feel at ease and worry-free! Hotline: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding) QQ: 2083574942

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