Ingor underwear factory talks about where the women's underwear processing industry will go in 2017?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-03
At the end of the two sessions this year, everyone will be calling for corporate tax cuts, and traditional women's underwear and work companies also feel the pressure of survival. In the past two years, orders of many underwear factories have declined, and underwear factories that have closed down have also been heard from time to time. So where will the women's underwear processing industry go in 2017?

Guangzhou ingorsports has been focusing on women's seamless underwear manufacturers for 17 years. In recent years, it has also clearly felt the impact of the external environment. The raw materials for underwear processing are increasing day by day, labor costs, logistics costs, and the decline in business orders. .

In order to survive, many underwear factories in the same industry are rushing for orders and customers, desperately reducing costs and fighting price wars. Because of the need to control the cost of underwear processing, some underwear factories will only use some inferior raw materials or omit some processes. The underwear products purchased by the end users are obviously of poor quality, resulting in vicious competition in the entire women's underwear processing industry, resulting in many Lingerie complained.

Guangzhou ingorsports underwear factory realized this problem many years ago. In order to avoid malicious competition with other underwear factories, ingorsports began to transform and upgrade very early and vigorously introduced talents.

As early as the establishment of ingorsports underwear factory, the company has established its own research and development team, and has maintained close contact with the international underwear industry, keeping a close eye on the trend of the times, whether it is women's underwear style or material selection, to the international The big names are moving closer. At present, there are 7 underwear Ru0026D designers with 18 years of industry experience in underwear, and 8-10 new styles are launched every day. Quality has always demanded itself with the quality of Japan and Europe.

At the same time, it also pays attention to its own brand. Its own brand 'Fan Xueer' has been rated as a famous trademark in Jinhua for many years.

The third point, ingorsports also believes that another important way to speed up the transformation and upgrading of underwear factories is to keep up with the trend of the times and understand the behaviors of customers. Effectively combined with the Internet, because the Internet is used as a tool, the channel can quickly allow customers to contact and understand the underwear factory, eliminating the need for middlemen and giving benefits to customers.

Then ingorsports recognized the importance of Internet channels very early, so I tried Tmall in the early years, started investing in Alibaba the year before, and opened an Alibaba platform this year. The enterprise website of underwear factory strength. Let more customers and users find us ingorsports easily and quickly. Because of this, ingorsports underwear factory has been rated as 'transformation and upgrading innovation enterprise' by the Guangzhou government for many years

So ingorsports underwear factory thinks, in 2017, where will women's underwear processing go? It is still imminent for underwear factories to speed up innovation, change and transformation!

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