Ingor Sportswear takes a new step with you and me, Shenyang flagship store wants you to look good! -Ingor Sp

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-10
After 22 years of unremitting development, Ingor has distributors and physical stores all over the country. The recently opened Shenyang store is one of many stores. The impulse to walk into the store to buy and buy. Come and come, show off a wave of pictures with strength, this appearance is not too good-looking! The Ingor products displayed in the store are full of international style. Ingor interprets the global fashion culture, leads the trend of the fashion sportswear industry and style, and the original Chinese style design perfectly combines sports and Chinese elements, making the team the most dazzling boy on the field at all times. The tall store design and the products of Ingor on display really bring their own traffic. Since the establishment of the brand, Ingor has been committed to calling for the symbiosis between man and nature. Wherever he goes, there is no trace in the mountains and fields. Ingor spares no effort to protect the balance between man and nature, adhere to the original design of Chinese style, and achieve the new career of Chinese sports with ingenuity! The Ingor brand has been recognized by consumers, and the brand style and development potential have been widely recognized by customers. I hope that Ingor 's partners across the country will be prosperous and welcome the 70th birthday of the motherland with more orders! Come on duck!
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