ingor knitting secrets often wear body underwear 10 questions and answers (Part 2)

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-06-01
In many places abroad, when a girl begins to develop, her mother will let her wear body underwear, so many foreign girls have a very graceful body proportion, which is similar to the fact that they began to wear body underwear to shape their growth since childhood. Nowadays, many children in China have also begun to wear body underwear, because body underwear not only gives people a beautiful and beautiful figure, but also makes you more confident, energetic, youthful and healthy.

You may still have a lot of doubts about wearing body contouring underwear. In the previous article ingorsports revealed the secrets of wearing body contouring underwear 10 questions and answers (Part 1), I also answered 5 questions that everyone is more concerned about when wearing body contouring underwear. Today, ingorsports will answer the other 5 questions about knitted body underwear that everyone is more concerned about.

1. Can body underwear reduce weight?

In real life, many women lose weight because of their out-of-shape body shape. At the same time, it is time-consuming and laborious to lose weight. Is it possible to lose weight just by wearing body underwear? ingorsports reminds you to understand that when we talk about losing weight, it is not the same as getting fit. There are many ways to lose weight. In addition to paying attention to your diet, you are also strengthening the correct way of exercise. A very important reason for obesity is that because of our usual bad living habits, the fat in the body is freed from its original position and concentrated in the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts, resulting in a serious imbalance of proportions.

The 'Vancher' series of body underwear produced and processed by ingorsports uses new materials, 3D drawing, combined with structural mechanics, ergonomics, etc., and is designed according to the golden ratio of women's bodies in different periods. She can It guides the growth direction of fat and restores the lost, displaced and sagging fat, and the seamless knitting process, moisture absorption, quick-drying and other characteristics can promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymphatic drainage, and make fat. Softening, burning, decomposing and disappearing, wearing body underwear for a long time can make the body fat exist reasonably, distribute it in a balanced manner according to the 'golden ratio' of the body, and standardize the repair of the deformed body, so as to reshape the attractive measurements. And make a beautiful body to maintain the effect of life.

2. Can developing girls wear body underwear often?

About this issue is a concern of many girls and mothers. At the beginning of this article, I also mentioned that when many girls abroad began to develop, their mothers began to let her wear body underwear. Nowadays, many little girls are developing relatively early. When the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust of female adolescents is more than 9 cm, they should start wearing full-cup body underwear bras that have a certain protective effect. According to the physical development, choose different styles and sizes of body bras.

3. Do you have to wear body-adjusting underwear for a long time?

Many people choose to wear some adjustable body underwear in order to maintain a good figure, but they don't know how long to wear it. Is it necessary to wear it for a long time? In fact, we know that the adjustable body underwear is a kind of processing and extended design on the basis of traditional ordinary underwear. It can resist the physical factors such as gravity and age through different organizational structures or functions such as wrapping, supporting or squeezing. Destruction, enhance beauty and suppress ugliness, improve body shape, and radiate inner health and charm.

So generally speaking, in the key stage of correcting and maintaining the body, you should insist on wearing adjustment and corrective body underwear every day. Then after the figure is improved, ingorsports suggests that you can appropriately change to wear some other types of underwear.

4. How to wear underwear bra during pregnancy and lactation?

During pregnancy, due to the great changes in the breasts, the breasts have been growing since pregnancy, so ingorsports recommends that you can wear some inclusive full-cup underwear, which should not be too tight, and should be timely according to your own growth. Change to larger cups to prevent early breast enlargement from causing sagging. After giving birth, you should wear underwear with adjustment function, but it must be loose, moisture-absorbing and breathable to facilitate breastfeeding. After weaning, the bra and other underwear should be replaced in time according to the fatness and thinness of the body shape and the retraction of the breast.

5. What are the benefits of wearing 'Van Xueer' series of body underwear?

Vancher is an independent brand of ingorsports that specializes in seamless underwear for 17 years in Guangzhou. Over the years, Vancher has been rated as a famous brand in Jinhua City. Fan Xueer series body underwear is developed and designed by senior designers with 18 years of experience in underwear design. It adopts new materials and seamless knitting technology. Based on a large number of real experiences, the designed body underwear is more in line with the needs of the human body, moisture absorption, quick-drying, comfort and other characteristics help you stay young forever.

I believe that in the near future, wearing body lingerie will be as essential as taking care of our face. Because body underwear not only brings us a beautiful and beautiful figure, but also brings us self-confidence, youth, vitality, health, and makes our life better!

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