how to measure your bra size at home

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-07
Wearing the right size bra is a quick way to improve your look.
A bra of the right size will make you look longer, thinner, and younger, plus, it will help your Velcro hang better.
If you don\'t remember when it was the last time you wore a bra, then it\'s time to take out the tape measure.
Almost 80% of women wear a bra with the wrong size, so please follow the tips below to make sure you choose the right size each time.
You need a well.
Fit bra * tape size Step 1: Wear
Install braPut on the wellfitting bra.
It should be non-padded and should not be a sports bra or a mini bra.
Step 2: measure directly below the chest. Place the tape measure below the chest and stick it to the bottom of the bra.
Hold it gently but firmly and make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground.
Take a deep breath before measuring.
You want to put away the tape measure.
Step 3: Add 5 inch to the measurement to find the band size.
Summarize if you get a score or an odd number.
Step 4: measure in the largest part of the chest. Place the tape measure in the largest part of the chest, parallel to the floor.
Keep the tape measure loose and pay attention to the measurement.
To the nearest integer.
If you can\'t keep the tape measure parallel to the ground, ask a friend to help you measure it.
Step 5: subtract the band size and find your band size from the second measurement.
The difference is the size of your cup. A one-
You need a cup.
2 inch is B cup, 3 inch is C cup, and 4 inch is D cup.
Step 6: Use the strap and cup size to determine the bra size to put the strap together with the cup size to determine your appropriate bra size.
For example, a 36-
Inch with size and C cup size means your bra size is 36C.
It\'s time to shop now. Did you know?
The modern system of bra size was invented in 1928.
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