How to choose yoga suit cleaned so yoga is right

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-22
Yoga clothing is necessary to practice yoga yoga, yoga friends need to take a shot of armor, so can you tell me the yoga clothing of choose and buy? How to clean the yoga clothing? Believe there must be a lot of friends want to know the answer, then follow will see below small make up together. How to choose yoga clothing comfortable give priority to yoga suit or with comfortable nature, functional mainly. Because there are a lot of yoga body stretch big action, and action is not only a few Angle, therefore, if wear the cotton fiber quality loose comfortable clothing, admittedly very ventilation, comfortable, but sometimes it will because there is no elastic cloth, with one hand tied behind your back. In addition, because our actions, there may be a shoulder instant, head upside down position, if too loose clothing, there will be slipping, can actually make abdomen or leg Lou in the outside. Wear the moisture absorption perspiration fabric. This kind of material is not pure natural materials, but has an advantage: after the sweat, the sweat does better than cotton and linen, and not as wet clothing stick in the body, may be a long period of time of eczema, more discomfort. The moisture absorption perspiration fabric types is not little still. Nylon fabric texture springback, strength, good abrasion resistance, among the top of the all fiber. Its wear resistance was 10 times higher than the cotton fiber, it is 10 times that of the dry viscose fiber, is 140 times of wet fiber. Have a good decay resistance, and corrosion resistance. In terms of overall performance polyamide fiber is better than that of polyester fiber, wear resistance, stress, color fastness, gloss moisture absorption perspiration function from comprehensive speaking better than polyester products. Style is simple and generous, agile. Clothes don't have too many decorations ( Especially the metal) , belt or knot, in order to prevent the chromium in the body, cause unnecessary damage. Should be stretched freely, the whole body does not feel bound shall prevail. Style cuffs it doesn't matter, with natural open advisable; His trousers with elastic or Mr. Rope mouth advisable, because yoga after some lie on your back in action, tight mouth can prevent pant leg down. Winter clothing is given priority to with trousers, long dress. Summer is given priority to with short pajamas pants can match. Color as far as possible choose relaxed, the color of quietly elegant, pure color is the best, so that the visual nerve of allows you to relax, to make yourself calm down quickly. Not to jump, color too much, let you feel excited color as far as possible don't wear when practicing yoga. Yoga instructor had better give priority to with white. First, goodbye is still to adhere to, the heart of the faith, rendering the book I really, according to the march lotus series white, yoga clothes designed for yoga. Style to highlight individual character, can choose to have India's national style clothing, easing the nature, have put on a kind of elegant and easy mystery; And there's a modern style of workout clothes, tight has good elasticity, wear also can foil a good figure, general practice hot yoga is good, you can the be fond of according to oneself to choose. In march lotus yoga clothing design, tailored to design according to the Asian people's body color of skin, combine the Chinese culture in 5000, the Chinese element of blue and white porcelain, tang culture and elegant and fashionable woman flavour is integrated into the design, according to different crowd positioning needs; In accordance with the march lotus yoga clothing conforms to the traditional Chinese style, design is the core of high quality version, by draping and ratio adjustment, break the visual perception of white fat; And fabric in raw material selection and weaving process as well as the perfect combination of gram weight requirement, achieve comfort and functional requirements at the same time white and opaque. How to clean the yoga suit different yoga clothing because the fabric is different, the cleaning method is different also. Yoga gear type are many, from the material classification, yoga can be roughly divided into the following kinds; here, we together to learn these yoga clothing cleaning method. Fabrics - — 100% cotton fabric features good hygroscopicity, in health and comfortable, breathable, absorb sweat, dyeing performance is good, soft luster. Washing instructions hand washing machine wash can be; Should be in order; Not easy to chlorine wash; Flies away washing; Not easy long soaking time; It is not easy to dry. Fabrics - — 92% polyester + 8% spandex fabric features good fabric has good elasticity, drape, handle delicate, soft, good durability, anti-wrinkle shrinkage resistance, good resilience. Washing instructions do not use fabric softener. In the present washing; Deep, light clothing washing separately; Can only use mild detergent. The benefits of yoga, yoga can cultivate one's morality raises a gender, calm heart yoga can reach to Harbin for a long time, forget all the unpleasant, better edify their sentiment, make yourself more confident, more love life 2, yoga can enhance resistance to long-term health and practicing yoga can achieve the function of, at the same time also can improve the resistance, such as to reduce the occurrence of diseases such as colds; 3, yoga can improve personal emotions because yoga glands rejuvenation effect of nervous system, including the brain, mental emotional nature will show positive state. It makes you more confident and more warmly, and optimistic. Every day of your life will become more creative. 4, practicing yoga is able to adjust the balance of physiological long-term practice yoga to keep my body in the major state of the system, at the same time also can adjust physiological functions, reach the role of physical fitness. A lot of good, in a word, practice yoga, healthy, you might as well also join the queue, the yoga group for their daily life to add a more healthy vibrant luster. Conclusion: through the above introduction, whether all the related knowledge of yoga clothes have more understanding? Yoga yoga can increase vigor to place in the brain and glands, improve vision and hearing, so the appropriate yoga is beneficial to the body, small make up more than yoga gear is introduced in the paper how to buy, want to buy want to can be in accordance with the method of small make up well.
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