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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-01
[How to choose sportswear] From a modern point of view, clothing is not only for covering the body, keeping out the cold, as well as decoration and etiquette, but also requires comfort and functionality. As a clothing for fitness sports, the latter two properties are particularly important. In order to achieve better comfort (such as moisture absorption, sweat absorption, heat preservation, ventilation, thermal conductivity, waterproof, sweat resistance, etc.), it is no longer enough to use a fiber or a single tissue structure for sportswear. The conclusion drawn from the effect of actual wearing. Cotton fibers, for example, are inherently hygroscopic and absorb sweat well in the initial stages, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. However, once the water absorption reaches a saturated state, due to the lack of the function of dissipating water to the outside, the human body feels sticky, and the clothes will be extremely uncomfortable to wear. (Gymnastics clothing) In the past, natural fibers such as cotton and wool were the main materials for sports clothing. However, in recent years, especially after the Los Angeles Olympics, many athletes have changed to wearing all-man-made fiber clothing. Since the advent of man-made fibers, natural fibers and man-made fibers have become a difficult problem for people to choose. Who is better between the two? The advantages of man-made fibers are soft, tough, shiny, elastic, wear-resistant, tear-resistant , stain resistance, no shrinkage, no deformation and no fading, etc. It's just that it never absorbs water, and the ventilation performance depends on the fabric. Natural fibers such as cotton can be said to be good friends of sportsmen. It has the advantages of ventilation, softness, sweat absorption, etc. It can also be spun into different ultra-fine yarns to make different clothes. Cotton can be used in almost all kinds of sportswear. But on the other hand, cotton has many disadvantages. Because of its strong water absorption, cotton fabrics that are saturated with water are not easy to dry, and water droplets will form a film between the fibers, making the clothes airtight. Cotton sportswear will also shrink, deform and harden after long-term washing, not wear-resistant, not tear-resistant, and difficult to clean with organic stains. Since the properties of various fibers have their own advantages and disadvantages, they need to be mixed to get the best results. Therefore, when the bodybuilder chooses sports clothing, it is best to choose the mixed material clothing of man-made fiber and cotton. The above are some suggestions for bodybuilders on the materials of sports clothing. In addition, sportswear should be conducive to activities after wearing, and strive to reduce the wearer's fatigue. Therefore, the choice of sports clothing must be lighter, with flexibility, stretchability, fitness and motion tracking. ( manufacturer) If you don't know what style of sportswear you wear looks better, please contact our customer service staff, she will recommend the most suitable sportswear for you. In addition, Ingor 's sportswear this year has also been It's on sale, welcome everyone to come and buy!
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