How to choose a gathered bra, 20 years old factory tells you these tips

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-17
How to choose a gathered bra, a 20-year veteran factory tells you these tips

Bra is women's intimate underwear, which directly touches the skin and is a must in daily life. Bras have both the practicability and functionality of underwear. Practicality is to prevent dew points to avoid embarrassment and protect the chest from injury. Functionality refers to the repair and improvement of breast shape by wearing different functional bras, which can be divided into For push-up bras, adjustable bras, invisible bras, seamless bras, breast enhancement bras, body sculpting bras, and sports bras to meet different needs.

And the endless emergence of different styles and functions of bras on the market often makes female consumers fall into difficulty in choosing. How to choose a bra that suits them? Today I am going to talk to you about this topic. Whether it is functional or practical underwear, their structure is the same, including the cups, shoulder straps, underwire, underwire straps, straps and fabrics. Then we will start from these aspects one by one to analyze and solve the confusion.

First is the cup.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, to achieve the effect of deepening cleavage and creating a plump breast, some push-up bras add thick pads inside the bra. In fact, this design is unreasonable. After wearing it, it is easy to make the fat go to both sides, and over time, it will lead to the shape of the chest and the appearance of auxiliary breasts. The scientific push-up bra cup design should be thin at the top and thick at the bottom, naturally supporting and pushing up the breasts, which can not only prevent the breasts from sagging, but also prevent the breasts from expanding.

The second is size selection.

Before buying a bra, it is best to ask a professional salesperson or shopping guide to measure the size of each dimension of the chest for you. You can't be embarrassed to estimate the value through your coat. In addition, you must choose a bra that suits you according to your body shape. Choose the size according to your own imagination. The choice of the gathered bra should not be too tight. Too tight will affect the blood circulation of the chest. If it is too large, it will not achieve the desired breast beauty effect. knowledge.

Then the underwire.

Generally good-quality underwear will add steel support to the push-up bra, which is conducive to the push-up bra closer to the three-dimensional cup surface of the chest, it feels more comfortable to wear, and it also has a better support and concentration effect on the chest, pay attention to The steel support must be tight on the chest, otherwise it will easily cause the chest to sag if the effect is not achieved. Generally speaking, the radian of the steel ring of the gathered bra will be larger than that of ordinary underwear, with better flexibility and not easy to deform. Concentrated upwards, preventing diffusion, more ergonomic design, avoiding the situation of cups moving and sliding up, and the fixation is very good.

The fourth point is the shoulder straps.

The choice of the width of the shoulder girdle is very important. The elasticity of the shoulder girdle should be good enough. Only in this way can it effectively share the stress on the shoulder, increase the chest fat, and avoid the effect of compressing the shoulder ligament. It is recommended for female consumers to choose a push-up bra with wide shoulders. If thin shoulder straps are used, it is easy to tighten the shoulders and increase the stress. Too narrow shoulder straps cannot support the chest well. Once the shoulder straps lose elasticity, the chest will sag. In addition, the length of the shoulder straps affects the key points of breast shaping. It is very important to know your own cups. A to D cups use 1.3CM wide shoulder straps, E to F cups use 1.6CM wide shoulder straps, G to I cups use 1.8CM wide shoulder straps. If the chest is above the C cup, you can use transparent wide shoulder straps to improve the appearance, and do not use thin shoulder straps.

The fifth point is the lower girdle.

The shoulder straps on bras with rough workmanship and poor quality often run up, making the entire chest look unsightly. The lower girdle that is too upward tends to tighten the muscles, resulting in a hunchback. When buying push-up underwear, you must check whether the bottom of the front and back of the bra is in the same horizontal position. If it is not in the same position, don't buy it.

The last point is fabric selection.

In the choice of fabric, be sure to choose a push-up bra with moderate elasticity, good air permeability and soft stick support, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to move after wearing. The change of body shape is not only related to the bra selected and the way of wearing underwear, but also the posture habits and physical condition. Don't rely too much on the adjustment effect of a push-up bra.

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