How many quality outdoor sportswear brands are on the market?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-03
Outdoor sportswear has always been a kind of clothing that people like. It can be easily used in all-weather outdoor environments, and it is stylish and cool. Many people often choose outdoor styles when buying sportswear manufacturer. How to choose the most cost-effective and better quality sportswear brands? Out of the sportswear brand, what aspects should we judge from? With the rise of outdoor sports, emerging outdoor sports brands have sprung up, and many traditional sportswear companies have naturally sensed business opportunities and have developed outdoor series of clothing. The reporter searched for outdoor clothing in a well-known online retail store, and found more than 43,000 kinds of products. At the same time, there were only 300,000 kinds of clothing products on the website, which shows that the supply and demand are hot. However, behind the dazzling array of outdoor clothing, there is a lack of supervision in all aspects of its raw materials, production and sales, especially when consumers encounter quality problems, it is often difficult to protect their rights. For consumers, the more intuitive feeling is that outdoor sports stores are starting to become ubiquitous. In major shopping malls in Xidan, Beijing, Archaeopteryx, Columbia,“THENORTHFACE”First-tier brands have already settled in, and some well-known domestic outdoor brands have set up sportswear manufacturers with specialty stores in second- and third-tier cities. According to a store clerk, the best-selling outdoor sports products are daily necessities such as clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, etc. In comparison, more professional outdoor products such as carabiner, tents, camping cookers, and flashlights are rarely concerned. Mainly because outdoor clothing, backpacks, etc. can also be used for daily wear, and the application surface is wider than other appliances, and it is more well-known. The quality problem of jackets and the difficulty of consumer rights protection were exposed in a rain. The sportswear manufacturer should indicate that the product has a rainproof function, and the manufacturer has not stated that it is a counterfeit product, and the price is high. It is not difficult to see that the main reason why consumers choose outdoor clothing is indeed due to its functionality, such as rain resistance, flame retardant, quick drying and scratch resistance. In this case, consumers' quality requirements for outdoor clothing must also be on its functionality. This is an issue that cannot be taken lightly. After in-depth research, the reporter learned that a European environmental protection organization tested many well-known outdoor clothing in 2012 and found that most of the outdoor clothing detected toxic and harmful substances to the environment and human body. In the jackets and shorts tested for these tests, it was found that most of the samples tested contained excessive levels of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). Traces of perfluorinated (PFCs) and polyfluorinated compounds can now be found all over the world. These toxic pollutants not only have an impact on the environment, but also bring harm to human health. Now known hazards to human body include: endocrine disorders and reproductive system diseases. It is reported that the harmful perfluorooctanoic acid in perfluorinated compounds is commonly found in outdoor brand sports clothing, and this substance is not restricted in the testing standards of Chinese outdoor clothing. The outdoor clothing market is optimistic, resulting in the influx of fast money, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality, especially in some group sportswear customization manufacturers who have no product accumulation and no manufacturing experience, quickly switch production, and it is more difficult to ensure product quality. Coupled with the lack of integrity of some enterprises, they can be confused, and if they can mix, they will mix, no matter what actual function it has. From the perspective of the entire outdoor clothing industry, the most important problem to be solved at present is to establish and improve product standards, so that there are laws to follow and evidence to rely on, so that standards can be used to constrain production enterprises and supervise law enforcement according to standards. When the outdoor clothing standard has not yet been established or perfected, it seems that the only thing that can make consumers trust and reassure the quality is the quality of the product.“brand”and corporate“reputation”. Not only consumers need to be keen-eyed, but to suppress the generation of bad sportswear manufacturer brands from the source, we need the construction of morality in our society, the improvement of laws, and the construction of the market environment. It is also inseparable from the supervision of the people and the media. If we want to purify the market environment of sportswear brands, it depends on each of us.
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